Shuchita Gupta

I am a woman, a physician, a mother and an aspiring writer rolled into one. I write about various aspects of my life, and my preferred form of writing is poetry (or rhyming verses).

Voice of Shuchita Gupta

A Woman’s Pain Is No Pain They Believe…

The reasons behind this are multifactorial including deep-seated beliefs that women should have a higher tolerance for pain.

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The Equality Manifesto In A Patriarchal Society. What’s That, You Ask?

Does patriarchy affect only women? What about men who cannot choose their career because they have to 'earn a living'? Gender does not matter - all suffer, even if women suffer more.

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Love At The End Of The Tunnel – A Poem About Postpartum Depression

Everyone told her she would be awash with maternal love - instead, she faced a dark period of postpartum depression that she had never expected.

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Unapologetically Me!

"My beliefs, my attitude, my views, are for me alone to choose. Different though they may be, I owe no one an apology"- A poem about being unapologetic of one's opinions.

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The Madam And The Maid

A poem which narrates the journey of a maid servant who was uplifted and made self-sufficient by a kind 'madam'. Read on!

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A Beautiful Woman

The poem explores what makes a woman beautiful at each stage of her life. Read on!

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Campaign #MeToo Takes Momentum In India. Ladies, It’s Time To Give It Back To Those Men!

Many like Utsav Chakraborty are lurking free in workplaces, harassing women co-workers as they please. How long can women suffer in silence? With #MeToo, its time to fight back. 

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Comfortable In Your Skin: How Easy Is It For A Woman To Be?

Today, we hear repeatedly that we should be comfortable as we are - that beauty is only skin deep. But how easy or difficult is it to heed this mantra?

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Forgotten Women Behind Idealistic Husbands

These women from Indian mythology and history have their own stories to tell, that are hidden away under their husband's achievements. 

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She Is Loud, She Is Assertive, Then She Is Not A Good Girl!

Who are the good girls? What are the many challenges they face for being good in this society. This poem says it all.

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To My Child, With Love

What is the one lesson you want your child to learn? For this mother, it is self-love.

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Women With A Voice

What happens when a woman is taught to suppress her voice, again and again? When will she learn to speak again?

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I Am A Supermom, And So Are You

As women, specially as working women, we are often expected to play and excel at various roles in our lives. But sometimes, these roles can overlap and become a little too heavy.

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You Need Me To Care For You, But A Caregiver Needs Some Me-Time Too!

Women carry the burden of being caregivers - caring for a special child, an elder who is bedridden, or a loved one suffering from Alzheimer's. These can be labours of love, but what about me-time for her?

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I Don’t Want My Child To Be Part Of The Rat-Race!

A mother talks about how every mom is busy enrolling her children in multiple activities, while she would rather not be a part of the rat race.

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My Mother-In-Law, A True Hero!

The poet speaks of how her mother in law had taken as a son a baby orphaned in a disaster, despite having lost everything herself - now the poet's husband!

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tiger mom
In Defence Of The Tiger Mom, Now That Results Are Out

School results are out everywhere. Is anyone thinking of the Tiger Mom who just might have made it possible to get that edge?

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Life Lessons From A Flower

The poet talks about how a flower taught her that it is ok for her son to be different.

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The Bride And Her Hands Covered In Henna

A poem in free verse that incisively looks into the helpless heart of an Indian bride caught in an inevitable arranged marriage that takes her consent as implicit...

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‘Manterruption’ In The Boardroom: Women Speak Up!

Women who've made it to critical positions in the workplace have done so by sheer dint of their hard work and intelligence. You better not keep interrupting us!

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From Seventeen To Forty

Young people, with stars and dreams in their eyes... what happens as they grow older, life happens, and one day, find themselves middle-aged?

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Oh, How Pretty You Look, Daughter!

We tend to compliment our daughters on their looks as a default - if we want them to grow up confident women, we need to re-think this!

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How I Used The Story Of The Titanic To Introduce The Concept Of Loss To My 5 Year Old

Teaching kids about tragedy, violence and other disturbing things in the world becomes simple though books, like here with the story of the Titanic.

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An Ode To Sleuths In Skirts

Detectives who are women are few and far between in fiction, though things are certainly changing. Here's an ode to sleuths in skirts.

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girls of a feather
Girls Of A Feather

The poet laments putting friendships on the back burner once a woman gets married, and celebrates the revival of these friendships one realisation sets in.

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The Diva!

A Diva. That is what she is, a lioness who does not care much for the brickbats thrown at her, giving back as good as she gets sometimes!

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I’m The Boss And I Refuse To Apologise For It

Why is it so hard for some men to accept a female boss, no matter how competent she is? Deal with it!

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victim no more
Victim No More

#Poetry. She had suffered the domestic violence quietly for too long. She would be a victim no more, and show the world what happened when #WomenSpeakUp!

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not a superwoman
The True Confessions Of “Not-A-Superwoman”

#Poetry. I am not a superwoman, says this poet - just an ordinary woman making the best of life and doing it with pride in my achievements.

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child learning football
Confessions Of A Competitive Soccer Mom

#Poetry. The struggles of a mom with herself, when she feels competitive about her young child learning football, when he is yet to get the hang of it.

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The Ghats Of Varanasi

#Poetry that speaks of a lonely woman on the ghats of Varanasi after being widowed, but who finds peace in following her music to make a life for herself and her child.

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