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I Am A Supermom, And So Are You

Posted: July 12, 2018

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As women, specially as working women, we are often expected to play and excel at various roles in our lives. But sometimes, these roles can overlap and become a little too heavy. These roles often go unnoticed when you lead a double life of a supermom.

About time we appreciate these women in our lives.

All working mothers, I’m reaching out to you
We are in the same boat, juggling work and home too
Orchestrating lives of our families and our own
Pirouetting precariously, afraid of being thrown
Out of balance by a mild gust of air
One tiny drift from “normal” and beware-
The world we have created collapses around us
Leaving us dealing with tears, meltdowns and fuss
We revise our strategies, plan things anew
It might not work, that would be too good to be true
Then calamity strikes again, keeping us on our toes
Our sanity is threatened, we are in the throes
Of self-reproach, fearing we have failed
From our situation, we’d love to be bailed..

Then once in a while when stars are aligned
Just when you think you are going to lose your mind
Your work-life balance you think is flawed
But your “perfect” life leaves someone awed
And you get the question that you claim you hate-
How do you juggle so many things on your plate?”
Asked in a tone of wonder, almost reverential
You shrug modestly, glad someone saw your potential
Say you try your best, give your partner credit
You are grinning inwardly, happy they said it
This moment of glory prompts you once more
To morph into the supermom that your kids adore
Suddenly all your trials and tribulations
Seem worthwhile, as a result of this validation.

First published here.

Image via Pexels

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