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The True Confessions Of “Not-A-Superwoman”

#Poetry. I am not a superwoman, says this poet - just an ordinary woman making the best of life and doing it with pride in my achievements.

#Poetry. I am not a superwoman, says this poet – just an ordinary woman making the best of life and doing it with pride in my achievements.

I kept wondering when I could hope to see
My work-life balance shifting positively
Twenty-four hours in a day were not enough
To do everything, to deal with all the stuff
That kept piling up day after day
I never seemed to complete my plans anyway
While doing one task physically, my mind would wander
Into the realm of my “to-do list”, it was no wonder
That I felt stressed out, inadequate, inefficient
Neither my skills nor my coping strategies seemed sufficient
I had this image of a superwoman imprinted on my brain
Based on media portrayal – I tried to be that woman, in vain
Little did I realize how I was my own worst enemy
Until an accident made me in a new light see
How my life had become an agglomeration
Of incomplete tasks, unfulfilled desires and frustration

While the details of the accident would make a capital tale
I want to leave that for another day, the incident itself pales
In comparison to the lesson it taught me-
About managing burnout pre-emptively
I have had to learn how to let go of certain chores
And prioritize others, so I can do more
Of what actually matters- and more importantly
I need to focus on the task at hand, not instinctively
Let myself think about the million other things to do
It has not been easy, that much is true
But I have managed to find some equipoise
Between work and home, I have made a choice
To separate the two, and not feel guilty anymore
I do not bring work home and vice-versa, for that I have scored
A few points on the satisfaction scale, I would say
I also make a shorter “to-do list” every day
So at the end of the day accomplished I can feel
And give heartfelt thanks to the Almighty at every meal
My house will never be squeaky clean I know
But at least the laundry basket does not overflow
I do not cook three-course meals, yet my family
Appreciates the fresh food placed on the table by me
I do not go for work dinners, lose out on the networking aspect
Yet I am more efficient during the day, which I suspect
Is due to not wining and dining extravagantly
Which used to leave me sluggish and tired previously..

These are small changes that have helped me
Reclaim control over my life tremendously
I am no superwoman, I shall humbly state
Yet I am proud of handling everything on my plate!

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