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Campaign #MeToo Takes Momentum In India. Ladies, It’s Time To Give It Back To Those Men!

Posted: October 6, 2018

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Many like Utsav Chakraborty are lurking free in workplaces, harassing women co-workers as they please. How long can women suffer in silence? With #MeToo, its time to fight back. 

I came across an article in one of the most widely read medical journal in the world this week. After reading I could not help penning this down. The narrator is every woman in the workforce.

For years, I suffered with a face that was brave

My reputation, my sanity, my career- I had to save

All inappropriate comments, innuendoes, I took in my stride

Facing harassment, my true emotions I did hide

For the cost of speaking up was too high to ignore

It could have sent my career crashing to the floor…

In a world where women mentors were few

I sought mentorship where available, it’s true

I was driven by a desire for advancement in my career

Yet each step forward I took with fear…


Fast forward to the present, it is 2018

A new movement the world has now seen

With #MeToo, I have found the courage to break

The barriers of silence, not worrying, what is at stake

The movement has made millions of women at the workplace

Feel empowered to address the harassment they face


Ah… I must be delusional if I think at the workplace men

Would suddenly change their behavior towards women-

In a patriarchal society, used to masculinistic hegemony

They have turned back on women with their misogyny…

Claiming that mentoring women is difficult in this climate

False allegations of sexual misconduct against them can be made!


Disheartening this is- mentorship is invaluable

This reluctance of male mentors can cause harm incalculable

To the careers of young women with grit and ambition

The last thing we want is to see an attrition

In the numbers of women in the elite workforce

My sincere hope is that things will change their course

True gender equality is still years away

Yet with #MeToo, we have come a long way…

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Image Source Flickr, Me Too by Prentsa Aldundia. 

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