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I Don’t Want My Child To Be Part Of The Rat-Race!

Posted: June 21, 2018

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A mother talks about how every mom is busy enrolling her children in multiple activities, while she would rather not be a part of the rat race.

I have a confession to make here,
There is nothing nowadays that I fear
More than meeting other mothers on weekends,
For children’s activities- I’d rather run mundane errands.

For each time mothers meet, the topics of conversation
Revolve around the extent of their enthusiastic participation,
In their children’s lives- soccer practice, dance recitals,
Advanced math classes, playdates- these are the staples
Of life as a mother- to which I sadly do not conform
I know driving children everywhere is the norm,
That I cannot keep up with because I need
The weekend to recharge my batteries indeed
While spending some quality time with my son-
So we read together or do art projects for fun.

I am perfectly happy doing this, and so is he
(I think), but then I get worried each time I see,
Or hear other mothers talking about
The tight schedules of their children; doubt
Starts clouding my mind- what if my son
Falls behind his peers- no, he has to run,
The same race that everyone seems to
Be running, surely they have a better clue,
As to how dabbling in ten different activities
Can secure a seat in an Ivy League with ease.

When I get carried away by these thoughts, I want to
Enrol him in every single activity available too
Then I stop myself so that I can  re-evaluate
My priorities for my child, consider what I have on my plate
It is true that I want my child to develop skills multi-faceted
But not the same skills as others- I want him to be unique instead
Maybe by being at home and doing projects with me,
He is learning more by exercising his creativity.
Then I calm down and decide not to be a part
Of mom discussions next time- that would be a good start!

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Image via pexels

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