Comfortable In Your Skin: How Easy Is It For A Woman To Be?

Posted: September 26, 2018

Today, we hear repeatedly that we should be comfortable as we are – that beauty is only skin deep. But how easy or difficult is it to heed this mantra?

You all proclaim this mantra repeatedly

Be comfortable in your skin, be carefree

Accept your body as you are

Disregard critics, and you will go far..


As a woman trying to find my place

In a world that still judges me by my face

And other physical attributes I care not to mention

Being comfortable in my body is a tough decision


What’s more, honestly, judgment is a two-way street

I have to remind myself whenever I repeat

That criticism of others which I dislike levelled at me

I try hard, yet physical attributes are what I see


There are days when my weight, height, colour, all disappear

Beneath the exhilaration of an achievement in my career

Yet when I am downcast, my thoughts invariably

Turn towards all that is physically “not right” with me


All successful women in media portrayed

Are tall, slim, well-dressed- the impression thus made

Is that beauty and success are synonymous

Looking impeccable is necessary, not just a plus


I am still trying but the negative reinforcement

Significant barriers does present

In unconditional acceptance of myself, I must say

Maybe with grey hair I shall develop this skill one day…

Images via Unsplash

First published at author’s blog

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  1. Fantastic poem.

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