Piyusha Vir

Piyusha Vir is a writer, artist, a CELTA-certified English Language trainer, and a Creative Writing Coach. She was awarded the Top 5 position in the Orange Flower Awards 2018 for the category of Writing for Social Impact and was one of the Finalists in 2020 for the category of Humour. Her article ‘How Confident, Educated, Outspoken Modern Me Had Also Been Insidiously Trained To Be Invisible’ was nominated for the 2020 Laadli Media & Advertising Awards for Gender Sensitivity. Her article ‘Angry Women Are ‘Nasty Women’ Because How DARE A Woman Express Her Anger Publicly!’ was awarded the Runner Up position at the Orange Flower Awards 2021 in the category of Writing For Social Impact. She has authored three books: Just Another Day-a collection of thriller short stories, and Dashavatar-Stories of Lord Vishnu – a collection of mythological short stories, both published by Readomania Publishing; and Dasavatara (for children) published by Westland Publishing, under their children’s imprint, Red Panda. She is currently working on her next book, to be published soon. She is also an artist and painter, and experimenting with various forms of paintings.

Voice of Piyusha Vir

7 Learnings From My Solo Trip That Feel Significant As A Working Woman

On a solo trip or at work, you look back, not just to check whether or not you made the right choice, but to congratulate yourself for how far you’ve come.

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Mrs Undercover
Are Women Only Either Weaklings Or Strong Goddesses? Where’s The Nuance Of Reality?

Why can’t women be normal human beings deserving of respect and dignity? Would women be worthy of respect only when goddesses – either as Parvati or as Kali?

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As Long As There Are Wilfully Entitled Misogynists, We Need Feminism!

As a society we have indeed come far. But speak of feminism anywhere and there is a cacophony of ignorant voices that rush to troll.

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On World Teachers Day Today, Here’s The Real Reason I Love Being A Teacher!

'Are you a writer?' is one of the first things I ask all my students, in the hope that by the time my Creative Writing course ends, they would be answering that question with a vehement 'Yes!'

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6 Learnings For Female Entrepreneurs From Shamsunissar Of Darlings

The single mother knows she cannot manage everything on her own. She has a robust support system that she relies upon in times of crisis and otherwise too, to help expand her business.

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Birds of the Snow
Birds Of The Snow Is Much More Than Just The Story Of A Mother And Daughter From Kashmir

For most part, Birds of the Snow follows the life of Sheba (the youngest daughter of Suraya Begum and Chowdhury Najam Khan) and that of her friends and family.

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Tomb of Sand
Tomb Of Sand Wins The Booker 2022: Written By A Woman In Hindi & Translated By A Woman

Written by Geetanjali Shree in Hindi as Ret Samadhi and translated into English by Daisy Rockwell, Tomb of Sand is about a woman’s coming into her own at the age of – hold your breath - 80!

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Aastha Kottary
Aastha Kottary, Founder Of Elevate, Meaningful Jewellery For Healing, On Running A Small Business

"The only way to cope with challenges is to consistently keep learning and re-learning. There is no other way out," says small business owner World of Elevate; Meaningful Jewellery, Aastha Kottary.

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Only In India Can Random Car Salesmen Dare To Tell Me That A Daughter Is A Daughter Only Till She Gets Married

How many times do we need to remind people that daughters are not liabilities? That the girl child isn’t some object for which the 'burden' shifts on to another person after she acquires the married tag?

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This Year, Join Me In Celebrating A More Honest, Hopeful Kind Of Raksha Bandhan…

One may say these are 'just customs', but why maintain sexist, patriarchal customs? I want to tie a rakhi to those who stand by me, who support me through every low, and encourage me through every high.

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The Misogyny Of Men Who THINK They’re Woke Is Hurting The Cause Of Gender Equality

What is it with cis-het men and their giant-sized egos? I’m curious and I really want to know. If you have an answer other than ‘#NotAllMen’, do share.

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A Mother's Goodbye
How Often Is A Woman Asked To Sacrifice Her Dreams, Especially A Mother?

Kasturi Patra's debut book A Mother's Goodbye is a layered tussle between wishes and reality, and stays with you long after the last page is turned.

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My Hope For A World Inclusive Of All Sexualities And Gender Identities

As a cis het woman I was pleasantly surprised to relate to lives of women of diverse sexualities and gender identities as I read their experiences; so mustn't I fight for all women?

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She Had Single-Handedly Raised Her Daughters To Be Independent; Not Subservient To Men!

As if all I was good for was to raise kids and manage the household. As if me being educated and ambitious was something wrong. I felt humiliated and embarrassed.

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Our Freedoms
When 24 Of India’s Best Writers Speak Up About Our Freedoms

Some of India’s most brilliant voices write about what freedom means to them. Inspiring, searching and full of ideas – Our Freedoms is the book of our times.

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She Rejected Him Years Ago For A Stellar Career; His Crude Rant Today Is Proof She Was Right!

On a 'confessions' Facebook group, a man just ranted about a woman who rejected him years ago, choosing a dream career and life instead, in a case of sour grapes.

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Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Lives
Crass, Cringeworthy, Ableist Language,… This Is So Bad, It’s Good! Watch At Your Risk

The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives felt like a big middle finger to everyone struggling during the pandemic. And that's the least of the problems.

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angry women
Angry Women Are ‘Nasty Women’ Because How DARE A Woman Express Her Anger Publicly!

There is deep discomfort with angry women because letting women feel and say what they want to can challenge the status quo.

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Why We Need To Stop Praising Regressive Shows Like Indian Matchmaking

Arranged marriages don't have to mean that women resign themselves be treated like nobodies, and that is what this backward going show tells them to.

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Strangely Familiar Tales
Strangely Familiar Tales That Are An Effortlessly Feminist, Incisive & Inclusive Take On The Mythologies

Our mythologies have a lot we can learn from, with many interesting feminine themes, which Vijayalakshmi Harish's Strangely Familiar Tales take a fresh look at.

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Despite BoisLockerRoom There Is A Positive Change, ‘Coz Women Will No Longer Suffer In Silence!

Violence against women like bois locker room keep happening, and then we forget about them till the next thing happens, so how can we really say things have changed?

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Keeping The Promise Of Friendship, Till Death Do Them Part…

They were coming closer. The nameless, faceless sea of… of… Who were they, really? They, who lived in these very streets; who had been neighbours.

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Kavita Krishnan On Why Women’s Safety Shouldn’t Mean A Patriarchal Control Of Their Lives

Control of women's voices, lives, bodies is the norm, under the guise of 'protection' and 'women's safety'. Can we ever achieve Fearless Freedom? Activist Kavita Krishnan's new book explores this.

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women working together
8 Powerpuff Girls Who Prove That As Women Working Together, We’re Unstoppable!

These 8 amazing women working together are pushing for change in their unique ways through sisterhood. #IWD2020 #EachForEqual

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women change makers
11 Indian Women Changemakers Who Harnessed The Power Of Sisterhood For Social Change

A look at some Indian women who have embodied the spirit of sisterhood #EachForEqual, using their privilege to help other women, and in the process transformed the status of women in society.

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Deepa Narayan Chup
How Confident, Educated, Outspoken ‘Modern’ Me Had Also Been Insidiously ‘Trained To Be Invisible’

I had thought my progressive upbringing had given me a voice. I was wrong - and I realised this on reading Deepa Narayan's iconic book Chup.

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Alia’s ‘Dear Zindagi’ Made Mental Health A Household Word, But We Need More Stories

'If only we could all talk about our fears, our hopes, our aspirations and, most importantly, our imperfections without worrying about being tagged, stigmatised, and ostracised...'

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Include Mental Health As Part Of The Sickness Policy At Work: Rashi Vidyasagar

The most common aspect of Equality that most of us consider, is ‘gender equality’. However, we need to consider that challenges such as mental health illnesses too can impact people's experience at work.

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Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars review
As A Trans Woman, I’m Just As Much A Woman As You Are

It made me realize that the trials and tribulations of a transgender person aren’t different at all. And that a transgender person’s world and life isn’t much different from my own.

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“Equality Is About Respecting Each One’s Identity”: How Do We Get There?

Meet Dr. Akkai Padmashali, transgender activist, talking of what Equality means to her, and how we can all work towards creating more equal workplaces.

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ISRO women scientists
Sky Is Not The Limit For These Magnificent Women at ISRO In The Mars Mission

Minnie Vaid's book Those Magnificent Women and Their Flying Machines – ISRO’s Mission to Mars tells the story of ISRO women scientists.

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Why The Focus On ‘Fake’ Rape Cases Is Completely Misleading

Men who never bothered about the crimes against women are now so worried about the 'unfairness of the law' that they refuse to see the inherent male bias even now.

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village school
Why I Chose To Move So far From Home To Teach At An Unknown Indian Village School

"I know I can make a positive change in the lives of these children," says Piyusha Vir, "which demanded that I move so far away from home and do the work I needed to do, a calling, if you will."

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Becoming by Michelle Obama
When Michelle Obama’s Words Felt Like A Reassuring Echo Of My Own Thoughts

Becoming by Michelle Obama touches the reader in unexpected ways. "The book is not just her memoir," says Piyusha Vir. "but extends Hope to all who read it."

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Being Reshma: Read It And Cheer For The Acid Attack Survivor Who Conquered

In Being Reshma, Acid Attack survivor Reshma Qureshi gives us an immensely moving memoir that exposes the depths of human depravity, while simultaneously offering a glimmer of hope. 

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Because He Is... by Meghna Gulzar
Raazi Director Meghna Gulzar Speaks Of Her Dad, Legendary Writer-Poet Gulzar, Because He Is…

Because He is… by Meghna Gulzar is a personal narration - a daughter’s perspective of her illustrious father-writer-poet-director Gulzar’s accomplishments.

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Maybe It’s Good That Men Are Now Scared, And Careful How They Approach Women

Men are crying foul at the #MeToo movement, slut shaming the women who speak up, or even lamenting, "How do we approach women now?" Maybe being scared and careful is good.

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Piyusha Vir
I Gave Up My Career In The Hotel Industry After Facing Sexual Harassment Too Many Times

Speaking up in the wake of the #MeToo movement, Piyusha Vir talks about the sexual harassment and sexism she has faced in the hospitality and the hotel industry.  

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twenty-nine going on thirty
What’s It Like To Be Single And Twenty-Nine Going On Thirty?

Andaleeb Wajid stays true to form in her new offering Twenty-Nine Going on Thirty, entertaining the reader while engaging them and making them think.

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The Buddha and the Bitch
There’s Magic When Travellers Become Friends And Friends Travel Together

A travelogue with a difference - The Buddha and the Bitch is more the journey of two women very unlike each other who discover themselves as they take the trip.

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Taslima Nasrin's memoir
Split: A Life Is A Revealing Glimpse Into The Struggles Of Taslima Nasrin, The Rebel [#BookReview]

Taslima Nasrin's memoir Split: A Life is a searing account of the challenges she has faced as a woman who calls out fundamentalism and violence against women.

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The Day After Women’s Day – Everyday Sexism Is Far From Going Away!

After Women’s Day is over, the cheery Whatsapp forwards have become obsolete, and the roses have wilted, real life (read, sexism) has resumed for women.

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Status Single
‘Status Single’ Is So Much More Than Just A Book By, For, And About Single Women [#BookReview]

Status Single by Sreemoyee Piu Kundu, without being preachy, showcases the need for single women to own their decisions, and live life on their own terms without fear of judgment.

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Men Look ‘Cool’ Posing With Pads, But Will Padman Challenge Create Acceptance Around Menstruation?

Men posing with pads a.ka. the Padman challenge won't dissolve the stigma around menstruation. What we need is social awareness.

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Out With Lanterns
A Charming Relationship That Grows Via Emails – Out With Lanterns Is A Story Of Our Times [#BookReview]

Out With Lanterns is a story about two wordsmith warriors who come together. Alisha Priti Kriplani's epistolary book makes for an entertaining read!

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Author Paulami DuttaGupta Shares Why Writing A Story Of A Rape Survivor Was So Tough

Author and script writer Paulami DuttaGupta's recent novel, Onaatah: Of The Earth raises tough questions about how we treat survivors of rape.

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too much feminism
There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Feminism! Can We Drop The #NotAllMen?

When misogynists accuse you of too much feminism (what does that mean anyway?) standing up can often mean being trolled with rape threats to shut you up.

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Update Yourself On These Legal Rights For Women That Every Woman Must Know

People in India are NOT aware about legal rights for women, essential in a society that is patriarchal, and violence against women is almost normalized.

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“From A Cancer-afflicted Widow, I Was A Bestselling Author!” Neelam Kumar On Her Inspiring Journey

Neelam Kumar speaks about her journey from the depths of despair to new beginnings, to becoming a successful, best-selling author.

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