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A Charming Relationship That Grows Via Emails – Out With Lanterns Is A Story Of Our Times [#BookReview]

Out With Lanterns is a story about two wordsmith warriors who come together. Alisha Priti Kriplani's epistolary book makes for an entertaining read!

Out With Lanterns is a story about two wordsmith warriors who come together. Alisha Priti Kirpalani’s epistolary book makes for an entertaining read!

Karin, a wannabe writer, and Aksh, a celebrated author meet unexpectedly, and oblivious to what’s at stake begin to revel in their own cocoon of blissful existence. What follows next is an unforgettable book Out With Lanterns by Alisha Priti Kirpalani, published by Readomania.

If I were to list the one thing I loved about this book it would be the flow of the story and the unique epistolary style of narration.

The email exchanges between Karin and Aksh are my favourite bits of the novel. Full of insightful peeks into Karin and Aksh’s lives, they keep the narrative racing ahead. Interspersed with the actual story-telling, it makes for a very entertaining and engaging read.

The emails – a modern-day version of the traditional letters – act as the perfect medium of expression for Karin and Aksh to feed the initial flames of their growing romance. Their sweet and fiery exchanges, their individual relationship status notwithstanding, had the romantic in me all grinning and cheering for them.

The book also captures a writer’s life brilliantly. The struggles, the fears, and the constant battle for creative satisfaction as against earning riches and fame is portrayed accurately. While I strongly dislike sharing passages from a book, I cannot help but share from this book the writing-related lines that stuck with me.

  • It takes guts to reach for that elusive glory.
  • Writing carries the stigma of being a not so lucrative career choice.
  • We wordsmiths are warriors.
  • The entire speech by Aksh on writing

For anyone who wants to be a writer, or anyone who idly wonders what it is to be a writer, this book is a must read! This is a writer’s bible as much as it is a delight for the reader.

For anyone who wants to be a writer, or anyone who idly wonders what it is to be a writer, this book is a must read! This is a writer’s bible as much as it is a delight for the reader.

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The writing is sharp, witty, and evocative and keeps one wanting to read more. The editing is flawless and Indrani Ganguly deserves full marks for the plot does not slacken even for a moment. With just the right doses of romance and humour, accompanied by Kripalani’s brilliant prose, and a fast-paced narrative, this book, in my opinion, is a sureshot winner.

The many mentions of previous literary works were wonderfully woven in (Yay, book plugs to explore!) and added to the natural conversation between the two writers. My favourite bit is an email from Aksh where he tells Karin to ‘Gather ye rosebuds while ye may’ – a line from a poem by Robert Herrick. Apart from this, there are many other literary references that enrich the book and the reading experience even further.

The characterization is brilliant and Karin and Aksh are as distinct as they are similar. As an aspiring author in need of a mentor, Karin’s struggle is relatable, and Aksh, the celebrated author everyone is in awe of, is already my favourite (fictional) author. Karin’s impulsiveness is the perfect antithesis to Aksh’s laidback tendencies. Her self-doubts, overthinking, and self-critiquing reminded me of someone else – me!

Her interactions with Aksh as the author she admires and who she aspires to be like, are endearing and relatable. Their individual conflicts, their mutual need of each other to overcome the chasm that exists within their respective families, and the choices that threaten to change the course of their lives are brilliantly depicted. The story flows very naturally, and the events that unfold in Karin and Aksh’s lives leave them at the crossroads of many a difficult choices.

Which path will they choose? What is it that they want? And is that the right choice for them?

As the blurb rightly says, there are no heroes or villains. Shades of love and life aren’t black or white.

If you are looking for a story about discovering love, life and the delicate threads that bind human relationships, you should definitely pick Out With Lanterns as your next read.

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