Dear Survivor, Take Charge Of Your Own Life, Even If In Your Own Time

Don't worry about time, don't worry about age; the doors always open for those who want to do something.

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Dear Survivor, How Often You Must Have Thought ‘Could I Have Prevented This Abuse?!’

No matter how many times people force you to blame yourself, don't ever give in. It wasn't their battle and they weren't the ones struggling to come up, so it's not the people who have a say in this.

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Dear Survivor, I Know How Much The Abuse And Loss Of Control Was Terrifying…

You look at all the happy memories you share with the person who abused you, and wonder if you imagined the abuse. Or if you overreacted.

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Dear Survivor, Your Scars Are Your Abuser’s Fault, Not Yours!

Reject those 'honorable' codes forced upon you by the culture that refuses to see you, honour you, value you, and support you.

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Dear Survivor, Healing From Trauma May Feel Impossible, But One Day It Will Happen

But this moment is not forever. You have already taken the first steps towards the light. You have spoken up, called out the abuser, and begin to set your boundaries.

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Dear Survivor, If Your Rage Helps You Deal With Your Pain, So Be It!
Dear Survivor 1

No one else gets to decide forgiveness on your behalf. No one else gets to tell you how to process your trauma. No one gets to police what you say or how you say it, or what you do.

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