Ankita is a feminist academic/writer/journalist and an ardent cinephile.

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Kudos, Ayushmann, For Humanising Vulnerable Men & Queer Characters, But Bollywood Needs Other LGBTQIA+ Icons Too

As long as cishet actors do an LGBTQIA+ movie once in a while, it’s 'not a problem for us'. Because it comfortably 'guards' our cultural queer/transphobia by reminding us that films like CKA are still an exception and not a norm.

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It Is A Universal Truth That Every Married Woman MUST Want A Baby…Says Who?

I don’t want to give birth. I don't want to be a mother. Not now, not ever. And nothing will change my mind. No gods in heaven, no family on earth can shake this decision I made years ago.

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Dear Survivor, Your Scars Are Your Abuser’s Fault, Not Yours!

Reject those 'honorable' codes forced upon you by the culture that refuses to see you, honour you, value you, and support you.

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Dalit women
Why It Is Essential We All Speak Of The Hathras Rape Victim As A Dalit Woman

Media or anyone else should necessarily speak of victims like the young Hathras rape victim as a Dalit woman, because the politics of identity matter.

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dead women in films
Why We Have Preferred To Have Our Women In Films Either Sanskaari… Or Dead

What do dead women tropes signify? Can there be positive representation of dead women in films? Can women filmmakers do better than men in this regard?

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