Dear Survivor, Take Charge Of Your Own Life, Even If In Your Own Time

Don't worry about time, don't worry about age; the doors always open for those who want to do something.

Don’t worry about time, don’t worry about age; the doors always open for those who want to do something.

Dear Survivor,

Before I begin, I’m sending you the warmest hug that hopefully feels like the sun rays on a winter morning, and asks the autumn breeze to caress your soul gently, and tells you that you deserve all the happiness in the world.

We women are often overlooked. Somebody decides for us, and does things to our souls, our bodies, that we don’t want.  But my friend,  remember those days could be getting over.

I feel that the world is changing, so much more than ever before. A new era of women’s growth has begun, where every woman despite any background or education can do anything she wants. Remember this, we are all equal and we have the POWER to do anything that we desire to do.

You can take charge of your life

Has your past left you with bruises that are so difficult to heal? Has your past left you in shame and embarrassment? Let me tell you friend, don’t let it control you, instead you take charge.

I know it’s easier to say than to do but I’m honestly telling you, at the end if you don’t stand up for yourself nobody else will. So take it in your own hands, do it in your sweet time. But never let anyone in the world, not your past, your family or friends make you feel any less. You are important, you are powerful, and you have the capability to be anything you want.

Don’t worry about time, don’t worry about age, the doors always open for those who want to do something. Bring in change, and excel. Be that star.

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Above all, have complete faith in yourself. “Take that leap of faith and go all in,” says a friend of mine.

Do something for yourself, start something, live for yourself, live every moment.

May your joy be like the stars on the sky – infinite; may your light shine like the sun- full of energy; and may your heart always be content with peace like a baby.

May the divine source heal you, protect you and keep you safe, happy and healthy.

You have a whole world ahead my friend,  so much to explore… what are you waiting for?

Sending you much much love, warmth and hugs,
your friend in sisterhood,

A survivor of gender based trauma is affected in ways that go deep, and their worldview can get permanently damaged. It can be really crippling in their day to day life – whether in the personal or public sphere, and sending some comfort their way can help.

We at Women’s Web are collaborating with the Saahas App for Survivors of Gender Violence to reach out to women who need to be heard, and healing, as survivors of gender based violence. Letters to the survivor from our authors will be published on Women’s Web in the coming 10 days, and also on the Saahas website, in a series called “Dear Survivor”.

If you would like to participate, please upload your letter on your Women’s Web dashboard, and if chosen, it will be published.

Image source: a still from the Hindi short film Juice

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