Through This Letter, I Just Need You To Know That You Are Brave!

Remember whatever happened is not acceptable and should not have happened but you are not responsible for it. It is never your fault.

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Dear Survivor You Have Been An Amazing Fighter Through All Of This

Healing doesn't happen over a day, but it begins the moment we try not to push away the negative thoughts, rather analyze the past events and take all possible lessons from them.

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Dear Survivor You Have Every Right To Prioritise Your Peace Of Mind

The world might ask you to adjust and the collective fingers of the society raising would have made you doubt your decision, but the stand you took is right.

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Dear Survivor, Celebrate Yourself For The Strength And Grit You Have Shown

Believe in yourself through the excruciating pain of leaving behind a place that no longer deserves you, along with your worthy love and sacrifice.

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Dear Survivor Don’t Let Others Silence You; You Deserve Better

Sometimes, when you speak out, people will accuse you of 'dishonoring' your family and capitalizing on your trauma. You are not. You deserve better.

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Dear Survivor, We May Change By The Abuse, But Will Refuse To Be Reduced

Feminist poetry is a powerful tool which always reminds me that we are in fact not alone - countless women have braved through these struggles.

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