Neha Mishra

Neha Mishra has been a software consultant and a technical trainer for six years. When her daughter turned two, she decided to be a stay at home mother. Once the little one started school, she revived her flair for writing which was long lost due to juggles between home and office. She writes about her parenting journey, about women-centric issues and relationships.

Voice of Neha Mishra

I’m Not An ‘Arrogant’ DIL; I Only Want To Ensure My Traditional In-Laws Don’t Steamroll Over My Life

A daughter-in-law has, since time immemorial, been criticised for everything she does. But fret not, here are a few tips for those facing similar problems!

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Can We Look Beyond A ‘Sacrifice’ Model For The Lives Of Indian Women?

Society expects women to be a certain way, but it’s okay to be selfish at times, it’s fine to be happy, and it’s perfectly alright to live our lives for ourselves.

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