4 Unlikely Ways My MIL Helped Me Be A Better Person

My MIL and I share a very bittersweet relationship where she has taught me a lot of things and gave me some lessons in life. Here's what I learnt from her.

My MIL and I share a very bittersweet relationship where she has taught me a lot of things and gave me some lessons in life. Here’s what I learnt from her.

Daughters-in-law and Mothers-in-law universally share a love-hate relationship. My mother-in-law and I are no different. She can be sweet, she can be harsh, and the same goes for me.

However, there are numerous times when I have found support in her in ways she is not even aware of. Had she known, she might have changed her ways though.

Disclaimer: Sarcasm Ahead

Firstly, she used to look after my little one while I was at work for approximately a year and a half. For that, I am truly grateful to her. But during her stay with us, she encouraged me in several other ways and continues to motivate me still.

We may be separated by distance now (good for me), but not by deeds. Oops! I meant heart. We are not separated by hearts. Let me throw some light on our lovely and inspirational relationship.

My MIL drives me to be more passionate about work

While I worked a full-time job, she never left a chance to tell me that I work because I want to go out, meet friends and have extra pocket money. Well, it’s not a hidden fact that everyone works for financial independence and to meet expenses.

I work for the same reasons too. But the nonsensical and insensitive words led me to work harder and prove to her that my work is no fun either. To prove that I too bring money on the table for the same reasons his son does.

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That it’s good for the family if I bring in some extra pocket money. After all, that pocket money goes a long way in maintaining our socio-economic stature.

She encourages me to be a better mother

When my daughter was born, my MIL would find ways to prove that I was a bad mother. She would try and establish that I was least bothered about my daughter and all I cared about was my job and my sleep.

Although most of her allegations were baseless and stupid, I still tried to learn something positive out of it. From then on, I have always thrived to be a better mother to my little one.

She motivates me to maintain a healthy lifestyle

A couple of years ago, I was putting on some weight but was still within my healthy BMI. My MIL, who was 96 kgs then, told me that in a few years I too will become healthy like her.

Not that I am a fitness enthusiast, but that idea of ‘becoming like her’ drives me to maintain a healthy weight and I have been successful so far.

She inspires me to break all shackles!

A while ago, I felt stuck in my job. I didn’t enjoy my corporate 9-5 lifestyle as a software consultant. It never felt like my true calling.

Yet I didn’t dare to leave it all and start discovering myself. However, she helped me give it all up. Yes, she is a blessing in disguise in my life. Every taunt, every inappropriate comment she makes, it encourages me to do better.

Thank you, dear mother-in-law. I love you like I hate you.

What are the stories of love-hate relationships with your mother-in-law or daughter-in-law (just in case)? I would love to hear them in the comments.

A version of this was earlier published here.

Picture credits: Still from Hindi TV series Yeh Rishte Hain Pyaar Ke

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