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Saranya Iyer

A writer/Educator and Spanish Language trainer. Loves Reading, Music and Art. Favorite Author is Jane Austen who inspired me throughout my writing journey. I mainly write on Drama fiction, social issues, relationships and parenting. Some of my published works include The plantain leaf, Winged heart - Anthology of poems, Love through ages - Fiction Anthology, Children's books etc. Write to me at [email protected]

Voice of Saranya Iyer

Anne Of Green Gables
A Lovely Book Relatable Even Today, I Love Anne Of Green Gables!

With its beautiful characters, Anne of Green Gables is a book I can still re-read. Bonus? It has some surprising parenting lessons too! 

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The Surprises That Kids Throw Your Way Will Definitely Make You Say ‘Mamma Mia!’

'What is a mom but an educated napkin?' asks Pranoti Sheldenkar in her hilarious parenting book Mamma Mia. Major relate for all moms, right?

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Through This Letter, I Just Need You To Know That You Are Brave!

Remember whatever happened is not acceptable and should not have happened but you are not responsible for it. It is never your fault.

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When I Saw My Daughter Bullying Her Doll, I Knew I Had To Act!

Watching my daughter bully her doll was something I couldn't get out of my mind. Here's what I learnt while teaching her about bullying. 

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The Poem On Richard Cory Taught Me To Believe That Grass Is Green On My Side Too!

Edwin Arlington Robinson's poem Richard Cory teaches us a few lessons on how we judge people and their lives and also our own mental health.

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Mamta Kalia
How A Woman Gets Trapped In A Gossamer Web After Eight Years Of Marriage

'After Eight Years of Marriage' a poem by Mamta Kalia, shows how women get trapped in the golden cage of matrimony, even if they want out. 

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4 Easy Ways To Change Your Perspective And Shed The Load Of Bad Conditioning

A person's perspectives aren't always fixed and defined. They can be changed and moulded. Here are 4 ways to do so!

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How Leaving My Child In A Day-Care Brought Out Strange Emotions In Me

A mother writes a heart-felt post about the emotional roller coaster she goes through when she leaves her child in a day care centre.

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And The Conch Fell Silent…

A poignant poem which depicts the plight of a woman whose voice is silenced.

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She Gave In To Parental Pressure To Marry. That Was When The Nightmare Began

She had so many dreams from life, and hoped she could follow them even after she gave in to parental pressure to marry. That was the beginning of the end!

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