Through This Letter, I Just Need You To Know That You Are Brave!

Remember whatever happened is not acceptable and should not have happened but you are not responsible for it. It is never your fault.

Remember whatever happened is not acceptable and should not have happened but you are not responsible for it. It is never your fault.

Dear Survivor,

We don’t know each other but here I am with you through my words. I really cannot imagine the depth of your pain and suffering. But I am here with you through my ink of comfort. It is saddening to see how we are losing ourselves to gender-based discriminations. I know how you must be feeling but please do not lose hope.

You are not alone in this journey. While you might think that the world has come crashing down and all that’s left is a no man’s land, I urge you not think or entertain such a thought. There are so many women who are with you. Your family and your friends love you for what you are and certainly not for your gender status.

You have me who may be miles apart from you but sincerely hoping for your betterment. And you have been such a brave person when the dark clouds filled your space. I just want to remind you that quality in you which has stood with you in your toughest of times.

It is not your fault and it never was!

It is not your fault. We all have a tendency to put ourself in a culprit zone. Also, sometimes with others gaslighting us, we tend to hold ourselves responsible. Remember whatever happened is not acceptable and should not have happened but you are not responsible for those things.

It is never your fault. Move away from the culprit zone and do not be harsh on yourself. Remember the quote the book ‘The Help’ – “You are kind, you are beautiful, you are enough.” Let that be your mantra.

You have survived and you have learnt a big lesson. The positive thing is you know all signs of it and is ready to recognize the filth that other person carries in their mind. This is your reward from your sorrows that you will be able to differentiate good from the bad. And this reward will get you closer to the right and good people who will only have goodness and project goodness before you. You are safe now that you have an ability to identify the goodness.

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You’ll heal at your own pace and that is okay!

The scars would be difficult to heal but what we can do is focus on the numerous good aspects of life. Learning a new art, connecting with our comfort people, playing with children and pets, travelling solo to a new place or just listening to a music in a quiet corner of our house, are some of the good aspects of life which will help in healing. Healing is a process and it is an everyday effort so let’s take one day at a time and push one gravel at a time so that we are closer to a more comfortable and happy version of us.

“Your resilience is your command

It will guide you and show you light

Wherever it shines on, you will see these words of mine

To remind you, somewhere a person is there for you

Yes, I am with you, in this journey of healing

Let’s take one day at a time

Let’s push one gravel at a time

You are not only a survivor but you are a true warrior

Remember and let go the past for a golden future that awaits you”



(Written with a hand that only wishes for your betterment)

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Thappad

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