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I love writing about anything that makes me laugh, cry, salivate, roll my eyes or pull my hair out. My book 'The Campbell Gardens Ladies' Swimming Class' published by Epigram books is now available online and in Singapore bookshops.

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The Valentine’s Day Bouquet Check And Mate

The Valentine day programme started off with the obligatory distribution of the eclairs, single roses and cards amid cheering and whistling from the boys’ side.

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The Stalker

By the time I arrived home I was a tearful wreck. I finally told my sister. She could understand. Should we tell Bhau, our brother? No, she said. “What if he comes with you and gets into a fight with that man?”

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9 Signs That You Are Suffering From Too Much Social-Media-itis

Our lives have been taken over by too much of social media where we go about the business of living in between bouts of whichever platform we're on.

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6 ‘Friends’ You Do NOT Need On Facebook For Your Own Mental Peace

If you're looking for some peace of mind on Facebook, deleting certain people helps. Here are 6 'friends' you absolutely don't need!

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8 Species Of ‘Eve Teasers’ Known To Indian Womankind – Yes, We’ve Met Them All

Leave the comfort of home, and you are bound to run into the males of all these species. What are we talking about? Read on and find out what every Indian girl has already experienced.

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nosy women
21 Intrusive Questions One Woman Should Never Ask Another

Here's a laugh-out-loud look at 21 intrusive questions nosy women ask, that make you want to wallop them good and proper! Has it happened to you?

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A-BRA-CADA-BRA! A Magical Journey Down Memory Lane With My Personal Bra Stories

The ubiquitous feminine accessory, the BRA, has an interesting history in the memory of Indian women - as evidenced from this very personal account!

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Why Should Men Get To Eat First At Social Gatherings? This Is Gender Discrimination

What is with expecting that women eat after men at social gatherings, and also, not eat more than what is deemed womanly? Isn't this discrimination against women?

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17 Gorgeous And Sometimes Hilarious Styles That Were Part Of The 80s Fashion Of My Youth

Fashion is ever-changing. Here are 17 gorgeous, yet sometimes hilarious dressing styles that were part of the 80s fashion of my youth.

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Pregnancy Bloopers In Bollywood And Why We Should Be Aware Of Them

Pregnancy in Bollywood has been portrayed in the most unrealistic ways. Here are a few pregnancy bloopers, we watch on screen.

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This Is How We Celebrated Diwali In Singapore

A mother shares 14 wonderful things she did to celebrate Diwali in Singapore. You can try the same anywhere.

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Are You A Unibrow? Here’s Why Women With Joined Eyebrows Are The Real Deal

When all of us disfavoured a unibrow and were tweezing with a vengeance, one actress made it a cool trend.

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Want Some Fun, Radical Moves In Your Fitness Regime? Aqua Aerobics Is The Workout For You!

With its fun movements and holistic approach to exercise, aqua aerobics is especially great for arthritics and people who cannot work out rigorously.

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If Girls In Engineering Colleges Can Have Ridiculous Rules, So Can The Boys!

We believe in equality of the sexes. If girls in engineering colleges in Chennai can have rules, so can the boys!

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Why Do People Call My Child Thin?

Why do people call my child thin? Don't they know that a healthy child is what matters?

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11 Misconceptions About NRI Women

Stereotypes abound but these 11 things you didn't know about NRI women could surprise you!

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A Bond Of Cousins Across Continents

A nostalgic look back on NRIs, grandparents and India- that was once upon a time. A bond between cousins across continents. A must read!

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Zimma To Zumba: Mothers, Take Your Time Out Without Guilt!

Mothers are human too. They too need their time alone that too without guilt.

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Eating Solo: What Stops Women From Doing It?

As a woman, is eating solo still something of an oddity? Something that makes eyes stare at you and have you bolting your food down?

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A Question Of Names: What Do You Call Your Husband?

What do you call your husband? Whatever the name might be, let it be a mutual decision. Don't allow the societal expectations to decide that for you.

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How To Make The Most Of Your Child’s Artworks

Squiggles or doodles, we all love our child's art works. How can we keep these artworks closer to heart and home? Let's read and understand.

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Peer Pressure Of The Handbag Kind

A funny yet insightful account of the desire to buy a 'designer' bag.

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14 Things I Discovered About Life After Crossing 40

Lessons on life after crossing 40: As the 'halfway' mark of modern life, 40 is a great age to take stock and start doing the things you really want to do!

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ladies' compartment
11 Unforgettable Memories Of The Ladies’ Compartment, A Sisterhood Of Travellers!

The ladies' compartment on local trains is a sisterhood of travellers, a place where women compete but also form bonds and care for each other.

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men do housework
8 Fabulous Reasons To Get (And Let) Men Do More Housework

Do you prize the tag of 'perfect homemaker'? Believe that housework is 'women's work'? If yes, here's why you need to let men do housework.

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What You Must Know About Food Allergies

Food allergies trouble many of us, can develop later in life, and also be fatal! Here's what you should know about food allergies.

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Why We Must Stop Asking “When Is The Good News?”

"When is the good news?" is a question that reduces a woman's life to marriage and pregnancy alone, and we must stop using it, says this post.

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What’s In An Unusual Name? Plenty Of Stories!

It's the little things about us that define us. Anyone with an unusual name knows the amusement and annoyance it brings along, says this post.

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Looking For Mr. Darcy

The journey of finding a suitor teaches one a lesson or two. Here's a story of rebellion for a cause - to find Mr. Darcy!

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9 Unforgettable Lessons That Living In A Hostel Taught Me

Living in a hostel is an experience like no other. Here is a list of the amazing joys, sorrows, and lessons of hostel-life.

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East Meets West : Making The Most Of Indian Fashion

Each country boasts of its own sense of style, and living there means fitting in is necessary. Here's a story of losing and finding Indian fashion, on a journey through three countries.

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Why Don’t We Have A Men’s Day?

Every Indian woman has faced harassment on the streets at the hands of ruffians. But some men do respect women, and deserve to be celebrated as an example for these ruffians, says this post.

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The More, The Merrier : The Power Of Playdates

The new trend of playdates may seem like too formal an activity for your child. But it has the potential of forming lasting friendships and teaching a ton of new things, says this post.

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Grey’s Anarchy : No Longer Terrified Of Ageing

Women are repeatedly reminded of what old age will do to their beauty. Don't fear ageing; letting your greys run wild is liberating, says this post.

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