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When The Mountains And Valleys Of Kashmir Have More Questions Than Answers

After her mother's death, a restless young girl goes on a journey to the beautiful but troubled land of Kashmir. The story of her travel is the story of The Far Field.

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jasmine flowers
Jasmine Flowers For My Mom

My mother would string some loose jasmine flowers everyday and put them on - until my father passed away. I knew she had healed, however, when I found jasmine flowers with her again.

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gender role reversal
Are There Any Viable Examples Of Gender Role Reversal In Our Everyday Lives?

What’s gender role reversal all about? Is it when we get into the other gender’s skin? Or is there something more to it?

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extra curricular activities
Is Your Child’s Day Filled With Extra Curricular Activities?

A regular schedule of extra curricular activities for children seems to be the norm. When, then, will they have the chance to just be children, and free to just be?

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women in publishing
21 Incredible Women In Publishing Who’ve Made The Indian Industry What It Is Today

These 15 leading women in publishing have reinvented the Indian industry and made a mark for themselves on the way. A quick look at some of the leading names you should know!

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After A Career In Modelling, These Ambitious Women Have Not Stopped Working!

A career in modelling is often short; these women have taken it further and found success even after their modelling careers came to an end.

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Divya Dinesh Wants Every Woman To Feel Beautiful. Here’s What She Is Doing About It

Divya Dinesh has overcome her own challenges with feeling beautiful and understands how other women feel; her brand Veda Earth aims to bring aromatherapy to the urban Indian woman.

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An Ex-Volunteer Of Our Ruling Party Gives Us A Peek Into The Ugliness Of Online Harassment

In a new book titled, I Am A Troll, Sadhavi Khosla speaks out on the ugly social media trolling that she was once part of, and how it targets women in particular. Sadhavi Khosla, a former volunteer of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), recently made an explosive revelation. In a tell-all interview, in a book titled […]

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Celebrating These Women’s Web Authors Who Got Published In Print In 2016

Recognising the efforts of our Women's Web authors, we feature those who have had their writing published in print in 2016.

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Devhuti Minocha Is On A Mission. And It’s All About Bringing Trendy Handloom To You

Devhuti Minocha's e-commerce brand Dhrohar is all about making handloom contemporary and bridging the divide between rural artisans and urban consumers - while being profitable.

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These 5 Women Panchayat Leaders Have Made Extraordinary Contributions To Their Villages

Women Panchayat leaders are slowly emerging from the shadow of their male counterparts, to truly take charge. Although patriarchal societies are slow to change, here are some positive stories.

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What Hazel Keech’s Name Change After Marrying Cricketer Yuvraj Singh Says

When Hazel Keech tied the knot with cricketer Yuvraj Singh on Friday, the attendees noticed her being addressed as Gurbasant Kaur instead. Why is women’s identity so malleable, but not men’s? It sure is the wedding of the year. Cricketer Yuvraj Singh tied the knot with Bollywood actress Hazel Keech on Friday, in Chandigarh, as per […]

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Jyoti Surve Was Shunned For Being HIV Positive. Yet, She Has Taken Life Head On And Found Love Too

Jyoti Surve didn’t let her HIV positive status come in her way. Today, she lives life empowering others, blogs about her life and is married to the one she loves. World AIDS Day falls on the 1st of December each year. The day is an opportunity for people across the globe to unite against HIV and […]

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“Women Don’t Speak in Public”- When A Female Politician In Educated Kerala Was Shut Down

A female politician in Kerala was recently prevented from speaking on the stage, with toxic cocktail of patriarchy and religion paving the way for this sexism.

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Male Contraceptive – Shouldn’t Men Shoulder The Responsibility For Contraception Too?

Trials of a male contraceptive were recently abandoned when a handful of men experienced side effects deemed 'minor' in women on contraceptives. Is this fair any more?

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The New Proposed Surrogacy Bill In India: Does It Really Answer All Our Questions?

This author says, that many questions are raised and still left unanswered with the new proposed surrogacy law in India.

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Marital Rape Is Still Not A Crime! When Will This Dismal Situation Change?

Rape in a marriage, that is, marital rape, is still a big problem in India, with the law still considering marriage 'sacred', unwilling to really take action!

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Why India’s Third Gender Needs To Be Given Its Due Dignity

The third gender, as we call it, has been discriminated against. The landmark Supreme Court judgement recognizing them hasn't yet given them social acceptance.

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Receiving Lewd Messages? Speak Up And Report The Matter Immediately

Sexual harassment of women by way of lewd messages is common in today's tech lives. Here's what to do if you are stalked in this way.

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Why Grandparents Can Be The Best Caregivers When You Are Away

Staying with grandparents can create lasting memories and bonds. They can also be the best caregivers when you are not available. 

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The Great Indian Damaad: Why Is The Son-In-Law Looked Upon As Royalty In India?

The author wonders at the Great Indian Damaat, the son-in-law who is always revered and placed on a pedestal.

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5 Reasons Why Divorce is Still a Taboo In India

In a country that boasts of a generation of career-focused and independent women, it is still baffling that divorce is looked upon as a taboo.  I strongly advocate the institution of marriage. Marriage is all about togetherness. It is about two different individuals coming together, of experiences, of the joys of starting a family, of tears […]

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Devadasis Of India- Married To The Lord

The Devadasis of India always had a hard life. Constant sexual exploitations, with no education or skills, they end up mostly as beggars later in life.

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Dowry By Any Other Name

Is dowry okay, if taken in the name of gifts? In modern times, not many talks about dowry, but the pressure remains for a lavish wedding.

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Am I Only My Womb? The Stigma Of Infertility

The stigma of infertility is still strong in most parts of India - and most often, it is women who bear the brunt of it.

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The Construction Worker Who Showed Me The True Meaning Of Empowerment

If true women empowerment meaning is about taking charge of one’s choices, it is sometimes found in women facing the toughest of circumstances who stand for the real definition of Women Empowerment.

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