Divya Dinesh Wants Every Woman To Feel Beautiful. Here’s What She Is Doing About It

Divya Dinesh has overcome her own challenges with feeling beautiful and understands how other women feel; her brand Veda Earth aims to bring aromatherapy to the urban Indian woman.

Divya Dinesh has overcome her own challenges with feeling beautiful and understands how other women feel; her brand Veda Earth aims to bring aromatherapy to the urban Indian woman. 

Aromatic essences have been popular for centuries now. From the ancient Egyptians, who have used aromatic resins to embalm their mummies, to the use of Sandalwood to enhance meditation in India, aromatherapy has been used all along. Typically extracted from plants, the essential oils work by stimulating smell receptors in the nose, and bring deep and far-reaching changes in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Using this versatility of aromatherapy, Divya Dinesh and her brand Veda Earth, bring holistic beauty solutions to modern day women, who seldom have the time for a regular beauty regime.

Beauty is in one’s own perception

Born with a cleft lip, Divya Dinesh realized very early in life that, even small imperfections could bring down a person’s confidence greatly. Until one accepts oneself, they would never be happy about themselves. “I wanted to change the perception of beauty that people have in mind. In this case, beauty is in the perception that you have of yourself,” says Divya.

Divya has had very sensitive skin since a long time. More than half the products that were available in the market were seldom suitable for her, and would irritate her sensitive skin. Even the so called organic or natural ones would cause burning sensations. That is when Divya Dinesh found a solution in aroma therapy. She learnt all that she could about it and soon started making her own blends of oils, using it as an alternative to moisturizers.

“My family helped me to realize my potential, and aromatherapy opened my mind to using alternative therapy to elevate my life. I started using oils as an alternative to moisturizers and it didn’t make me miss creams and I also didn’t feel guilty for not taking care of my skin by putting harmful chemicals on it,” she adds.

With her knowledge of aromatherapy, Divya Dinesh forayed into making her own products under her brand Veda Earth. Veda Earth brings a premium line of skin care products that combines aromatherapy and vegan Ayurveda. Divya says that her aim is to simplify a modern woman’s skin care needs by bringing in the best of the ancient preparations in a contemporary avatar.

No animal products here!

Divya says, “I’m a huge animal lover and hated to use products which were said to have been tested on animals. They deserve to be free without undergoing torture. That’s why I decided all our products should be vegan”.

All their products are therefore vegan, with the absence of animal products, or even by-products such as eggs, dairy products, honey, lanolin, beeswax and silk. Veda Earth refrains from testing the products on animals too. At present, there is a range of 14 products consisting of facial oils, hair oil, pain oil, face packs, handmade soaps, and bath salts.

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“You don’t need an array of products for your hair, skin or body,” says Divya, contrary to what many of us today believe – that we need more products for each end use.

Challenges all along…but highs too!

As every journey is strewn with challenges, Divya’s Veda Earth faces its own set of challenges too. “The present challenge that we are facing, and which has always been there since the inception of the concept, is getting people to believe in it,” she says.

Aromatherapy has been present for centuries. Yet, in its modern form, the awareness about how aromatherapy works is poor. Even people who have used it are unsure about it, and the potential it holds within. Divya adds, “Getting people to believe the concept is a problem, when we say oil is the solution to your problems, or when we say oil is good for oily skin.”

Divya believes in helping people unmask their existing hidden beauty and giving them a wholesome feeling. A high moment in her life was when she received positive feedback from those who have experienced this.

“There was this lady who was so conscious about her marks and pigmentation that she didn’t even want to open her burqa to show her face. Our Beauty Advisors suggested her an anti-pigmentation product. After about 15 days of usage she came back and without any hesitation showed her face and raved about the changes the product had made. It had helped unmask herself. There was an evident confidence about her that our Beauty Advisors could observe. Making people happy by taking care of their problem makes us feel we have done our job right,” she says.

“Of course I do all the testing on myself first to check for mildness and effectiveness,” she adds.

A vision for the future

Divya Dinesh aims to reach as many people as possible across the country, bringing out the benefits aromatherapy holds within it. It would help people to discover their true beauty.

“Being known as a trusted expert in making Ayurveda-Aromatherapy based products and getting more people to adapt to a safer more knowledgeable decision making buying, is what I want,” she says. In a market flooded with numerable beauty care products, Divya Dinesh and her brand Veda Earth bring out the benefits of natural ingredients and the science behind how these essential oils work.

She says, “Being genuine and letting your products speak for itself is the only way in today’s world. People are more knowledgeable and want to know why they have to use your product.”

On that note, we wind up with good wishes for this gutsy young woman who hopes to make a big dent in the growing beauty products market, but with a vision of her own.

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