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10 Pathbreaking Women Doctors In India Whom We Salute On Doctor’s Day!

1st July is celebrated as Doctor's Day to commemorate the roles and efforts of doctors. A look at some inspiring women doctors in India.

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How Was 2016 For Female Politicians? Let’s Take Stock Of These Women In Power

The year 2016 will be written large in the history of feminism. From fighting for political power to achieving it, women in power stayed in the limelight all the year around.

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High Pollution Levels In Delhi Because Of Diwali Festivities Leaves Residents Gasping, Children And Elderly Worst Affected

Diwali festivities or ways to turn a city into a gas chamber? High pollution levels in Delhi left the residents literally gasping, along with other problems.

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Indian Girls Sign Up For Pokémon Go But Can They Play Free?

The Pokémon Go frenzy in Indian girls is spreading like wildfire. Parents, though, have an issue with the girls having fun because of patriarchal reasons.

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Muslim Women Defy Tradition By Being Trained To Become Quazis

Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA), an Indian Muslim women's rights organization, is training women to be quazis, or judges, a role traditionally reserved for men.

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Three Months Of Paid Leave To Support Women Sexually Harassed At Government Offices

Leave of ninety days, for women who have filed complaints of sexual harassment in government offices. A big relief for victims and women in general.

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What Is The Emerging Trend Of Dating In Young Women Today? Here’s All You Needed To Know

Many college going girls are entering into relationships for a plethora of reasons. Read to know about the emerging trend of dating and some important pointers.

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From Being An Addict To An Author, Glennon Doyle Melton Shares Her Story

Watch this gripping video by Author Glennon Doyle Melton to learn the art of accepting ourselves to lead an authentic and meaningful life.

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Talk To Strangers, Says RJ Malavika Varadan. Watch This Video To Know Why

Powerful conversations are like powerful links between people. RJ Malavika Varadan talks on the ways and significance of a powerful conversation. Watch this engaging video. The onset of the 21st century is marked by a paradigm shift in the way people communicate. People, nowadays, have started abstaining from having heart to heart conversations. The emerging […]

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Our Politicians Support Child Marriage! When Will This Evil Practice End?

 The news of Jharhand's BJP chief's son marrying a 11 year old minor has caused a stir. Why does child marriage persist in India?

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Widows Of Indian Farmers Battling A Cruel World!

The news of farmer suicides has grabbed immense media attention. Can we provide solace to the ruptured lives of the widows of Indian farmers?

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Dutee Chand’s Incredible Journey, From Being Banned To Rio Olympics 2016

Athlete Dutee Chand created headlines by becoming the first Indian Sprinter to qualify for Rio 2016. Discover all about her challenging journey here.

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The Indian Navy All Women Crew Sails Into Mauritius, Inspiring Women To Take Up Unconventional Jobs

The Indian Navy's all women crew successfully touched Mauritius. Read to know why an increasing number of women are taking up 'unconventional jobs.'

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A 22-Year Old Bride Murdered For Being Dark Complexioned. This Needs To Stop!

Dark skinned women are soft targets for dowry deaths in India. Read to know about a bride's story and the notions we carry regarding skin colour.

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Three Indian Women Fighter Pilots In The Airforce Prove Gender No Bar!

Three Indian women fighter pilots will be inducted in the Indian Air Force. Does gender play a role when it comes to career choices?

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India’s First Women’s Frisbee Team Geared Up To Represent Us In London!

Neither lack of funds nor dissuasion from family members could dampen the hopes of India's first woman's Frisbee team to reach the "World Ultimate and Guts Championship."

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Women Face A Gender Pay Gap. Watch How This London Based Company Solved It!

 A London based company has finally found a way to tackle the gender pay gap problem. This news comes as a ray of hope for women, struggling to get equal wages for equal work. Watch this video.  Brainlabs, a marketing agency based in London, has voted to eliminate the overall gender pay gap by increasing women’s pay […]

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Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Takes The Giving Pledge; Aspires For A Cancer-Free World

Few people give back to the society as much as they take from it. Aiming towards an overhaul in the healthcare system, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw becomes the second Indian to join the Giving Pledge.

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Nita Ambani’s Nomination To The IOC Is Great! Now To Get Down To Work

Nita Ambani becomes the first Indian woman to be nominated to the IOC. Her skill sets, personality and knowledge in the field of sports have been recognized

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Entrepreneur Ashwini Asokan Tells Us Why The Best Time To Use Technology Is NOW!

Ashwini Ashokan is helping touch billions of lives with her tryst with Artificial Intelligence. Watch this video in which she speaks about it.

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Hated Two-Finger Test Goes; A Step In Helping Rape Victims At A Crucial Stage

Indian crusaders fighting for women's rights have reasons to feel happy as a number of changes have been introduced in the laws revolving around rape. Read them here. 

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Feeling Victimised By The Act Of Staring At Public Places? You’re Not Alone

According to ActionAid U K survey, 4 out of 5 Indian women are sexually harassed in public places. Does this also include staring?  Read on. 

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