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India’s First Women’s Frisbee Team Geared Up To Represent Us In London!

Posted: June 10, 2016

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India’s first women’s frisbee team is gearing up to represent India at the ‘World Ultimate frisbee Championship’. Discover more about this unique team here. 

This amazing women’s Frisbee team gearing up for a global championship comprises of twenty women belonging to various parts of India. This is the first time a team of women have been created to represent this sport at an international level.

Many of these women come from underprivileged backgrounds – nonetheless they are full of talent. They had to face numerous challenges before reaching stage in their sports career.

The fact that majority of the team players come from less-privileged backgrounds shows how this game, is breaking barriers and uniting women at the same time. Like other sports, the players have a personalized training and fitness routine which they stick to religiously. Since the game is played without a referee, the girls ensure the exhibition of unparalleled integrity.

According to them, the sport is impacting them in great ways. They hope to get their enthusiasm and dedication recognized by the world.

Not an easy journey!

The team had to encounter a plethora of obstacles during the journey. Constant pressure from parents and other relatives to abandon the sport altogether was a major deterrent. They saw this sport as a reason, which would make it difficult for them to find suitable grooms. While others thought that playing out in the sun would tan their skin and make them look ugly, the major problem was the lack of funds required to go to London. The organizers, in order to solve the issue, have set up a funding campaign to raise funds for them.

Raising funds for an unconventional sport like Frisbee can be a daunting task in a country like India, where Frisbee isn’t considered a very popular sport. “As far as funding is concerned, we have crossed the 35 lakhs mark and need just 2-3 lakhs more to hit our target,” says Ranjani Shanker, the Fundraising Manager of the team.

The team members feel fortunate to receive an overwhelming support from people. “People from the Ultimate Frisbee community, their friends and family and even complete strangers have donated to our campaign. Ola cabs, Gatorade, Ernst & Young, Chennai Silks are some of the sponsors”, she added.

The members of the team are all geared up to defy all gender stereotypes and feel privileged to be a part of this historic team. These young women are excited to embark on a journey that will help them grow as sportsperson and also give them a chance to wear the country’s jersey. They want to leave a legacy behind for all young girls whose ambition is to represent the country at international level.

Image Source – FB page of the team      


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