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Dutee Chand’s Incredible Journey, From Being Banned To Rio Olympics 2016

Posted: June 28, 2016

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Athlete Dutee Chand created headlines by becoming the first Indian Sprinter to qualify for Rio 2016. Discover all about her challenging journey here.

Dutee Chand has proved it to the world that the power of truth can help a person stand defiant against all odds.  The sports fraternity were overjoyed to hear about Dutee Chand’s success and applauded her for her achievements.

Earlier, she was accused of doping after she showed enhanced testosterone levels and was also banned from playing under the women’s category. She saw her career crumbling down in front of her eyes. Fortunately, the grit and determination she possessed helped her in fighting her case by taking it to the Court of Arbitration of Sports.

The CAS panel concluded that there is not enough evidence to suggest that enhanced testosterone levels were linked to better athletic performances. She fought the battle alone and managed to emerge victorious.

Sandhi Soundrajan, the renowned athlete, had the same fate after she failed a gender test after winning the medal in Doha. She was forced to work as a daily wager in a brick kiln where she would slog for eight hours a day to earn about Rs. 200 a day.

Life has not been easy

Both the athletes were denied support from the national federations but didn’t give up on their dreams. From being stars in their respective sports, life has not been easy for them. Lack of support from the federations has its genesis in the fact that hardly any women are a part of these federations which fails to ensure the need for sensitivity in gender related issues.

On one occasion, Dutee was also advised to undergo surgery and take medication. Her resolute nature motivated her to challenge the controversial guidelines at CAS.

In a society that sometimes discourages women from leaving the shackles of their homes, Dutee is definitely an inspiration for many. Female athletes like her definitely carry the audacity to weaken the tie between masculinity and elite athleticism that thwarts women’s participation in competitive sports. Lack of opportunities and funding for women’s teams are other conundrums that women in Indian sports face.

Dutee’s selection to Rio Olympics calls for huge celebrations. It is a great moment for the country. Let women power shine in Rio 2016.

Image Source – sports.ndtv.com



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