A Mother Talks To Her Son About Masculinity In Popular Media: A No Means A No [Video]

Posted: January 6, 2016

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A mother talks to her son on the misleading definition of masculinity in popular media She emphasizes that a No means a No. 
#ShareYourStory is an initiative by Breakthrough to bring the conversation around sexual harassment into families; to get women talking about the harassment they have experienced with their family members, especially sons (or other boys and young men.)
Have you ever seen the song-and-dance that precedes a woman falling in love with a man in real life? Neither has this mother! Listen to her talk to her son about the current definition of masculinity that popular media portrays.
A woman has a mind of her own. A No means a No. She emphasizes, that everyone faces rejection and it does not make anyone any less a man to accept it and move on. Respecting someone’s choice is what makes a man.

She ends the video urging him never to indulge in any such form of harassment and treat a woman as an equal.

Watch the video here.

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