Hated Two-Finger Test Goes; A Step In Helping Rape Victims At A Crucial Stage

Indian crusaders fighting for women's rights have reasons to feel happy as a number of changes have been introduced in the laws revolving around rape. Read them here. 

Indian crusaders fighting for women’s rights have reasons to feel happy, as a number of changes have been introduced in laws, helping rape victims return to normal life. 

According to a latest news report, the two-finger test to establish rape is finally a closed chapter in India. Besides negating the need for this test, the 25th edition of MODI- A Textbook of Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology, a much used textbook for medical students, also introduces changes to make doctors more sensitive to rape cases.

Broadening the scope of sexual abuse by including people with alternate sexual orientations, sex workers and children is a progressive step and will definitely help in mitigating the trauma rape victims go through.

Steps taken by doctors and authorities in helping rape victims

Rape often distorts victim’s sense of personal security and self-dignity. In such a bleak scenario, it becomes very important for survivors of rape to feel emotionally secure. Doctors and authorities should behave in a very sensitive way in order to thwart any further humiliation.

Firstly, the interrogation session with the victim should take place in the presence of a family member whom the victim can trust. Secondly, the questions should be framed in a way that doesn’t augment victim’s discomfort level. Thirdly, pressing charges against the assailant can go a long way in making the victim feel secure about herself.

Assistance from family and support groups

Friends and relatives can play a pivotal role in instilling confidence and helping the victim get back to her normal life. Other pragmatic steps like seeking help from NGOs and other support groups can ameliorate the victim’s condition. They prove particularly helpful as they provide a safe avenue for her to sort out her feelings with others who have similar experiences. Long-term mental health therapy is also useful.

Altering the mindset of the society

The attitude of the society towards the victim plays a big role in how the victim copes with the ordeal. Relentless taunts revolving around her character, attempts to raise the topic in the presence of the victim, and efforts to alienate the victim from the festivities and larger society can emotionally paralyze the victim.

If victims of natural disasters or road accident are accepted by the society, why don’t we broaden our horizon enough to help victims of rape regain their space in the society?

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