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An award-winning online talk show featuring people and ideas positively shaping India for the future. Anchored by Lakshmi Rebecca. Produced by Red Bangle. This show is over 120 episodes and 2.8 million views old.

Voice of Chai with Lakshmi

This Entrepreneur Couple Wants To Colour Your Tees Naturally

Sonal Baid, the Co-Founder of Aura, uses traditional Indian dyeing techniques to minimize the pollution of water. Learn more!

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India’s Sensational Golfer: Sharmila Nicollet

With many laurels in her bag, Sharmila Nicollet is out to give Indian golf a place in the world. Know more about her journey and life, at Chai with Lakshmi.

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How An Engineer Is Changing The Lives Of Small Farmers in India

Meet Devi Murthy, an engineer who works to solve the problems of small farmers in India, with the help of technology.

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How A Woman From Bihar Helps 10,000 Entrepreneurs Across India [Video]

Stories are a way to connect people, to inspire, and to propel innovation. Meet Shradha Sharma, the founder of YourStory, a platform that brings together stories of 10,000 Indian entrepreneurs!

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Bitter-sweet Business : Being A Woman Entrepreneur in India [Video]

What’s it like to be a woman entrepreneur in India? Meet women entrepreneurs in Technology, Agriculture, and Transportation, hear their stories, and be inspired!

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Making Dreams Come True : With Sonia Manchanda [Video]

Creating entrepreneurs out of dreamers is Sonia Manchanda's passion. Find out more about her labour of love - Dream:IN, here!

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Enabling India’s Disabled, With Shanthi Raghavan [Video]

Shanthi Raghavan's inspiring approach to enabling India's disabled includes training, technology, and tons of determination. Know more about her journey here!

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Dial-an-Auto, With Aishwarya Raman [Video]

How is a Dial-an-Auto business making the lives of auto-drivers and commuters a lot more easier? Aishwarya Raman, co-founder of Auto Raja, shares her insights.

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India’s Intellectually Challenged, With Sugandha Sukrutaraj [Video]

Sugandha Sukrutaraj talks about AMBA, a powerful, sustainable answer to the socio-economic needs of Indians challenged by autism.

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When’s India’s First Ironman Is A Woman : With Anu Vaidyanathan [Video]

Superheroines are real, proves Anu Vaidyanathan. Watch her talk about her journey, triumphs, and challenges in becoming India's Ironman.

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Healing India Through Food: With Dr. Nandita Shah [Video]

Dr. Nandita Shah works to heal India by correcting food patterns and abolishing myths. Here are her insights into food, healing naturally, and better health!

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How A Sex Worker Became A Human Rights Activist, With Akkai Padmashali [Video]

Akkai Padmashali's story is that of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Find out how a sex worker fought the odds and became a human rights activist!

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Nandita Das Supports Inclusion. Do You? [Video]

In this inspiring video, Nandita Das shares her beliefs about inclusion, compassion, and leaving behind a better world for our children.

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Girl, Let’s Talk About It! With Sinu Joseph [Video]

Thousands of young women agree with Sinu Joseph, who believes that talking about your period is the first step in taking care of a woman's health and hygiene. Do you?

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Arunduthi Gupta of Mentor Together
Mentoring India’s Youth: With Arunduthi Gupta [Video]

Arunduthi Gupta of Mentor Together believes that education, with the right career guidance, will propel Indian youth towards economic success.

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