Healing India Through Food: With Dr. Nandita Shah [Video]

Posted: July 7, 2014

Dr. Nandita Shah works to heal India by correcting food patterns and abolishing myths. Here are some amazing insights into food, healing naturally, and better health!

She is the woman who wants to rid India of its ‘world’s diabetes capital’ title. Meet Dr. Nandita Shah, a vegan and a homeopath.

Dr. Shah’s research and work has proven that healing can happen through food. At her non-profit, SHARAN (Sanctuary for Health and Reconnection to Animals and Nature), Dr.Shah conducts workshops and educational programs across the country about better nutrition. Her goal is to change widespread incorrect notions about food, and to make good food an easy habit, and better health the norm.

“I am actually helping people reverse diseases through food rather than medicines. I help them get off medicines and get well by simply understanding what the correct food is for our species and switching to that”, she says. Dr. Shah has hundreds of success stories.

In this conversation over Chai with Lakshmi, this amazing woman shares about the 3 big food myths India has subscribed to, the repercussions of these myths and how medication might not always prove to be the way out of an illness. Watch the video here!



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