This Entrepreneur Couple Wants To Colour Your Tees Naturally

Posted: January 19, 2015

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Sonal Baid, the Co-Founder of Aura, uses traditional Indian dyeing techniques to minimize the pollution of water. Learn more!

Dyeing a single t-shirt contaminates about 2000 litres of water. Yes, and the damage is worsened because this toxic water is usually dumped into fresh water bodies in India, leaving textile regions with very little clean water.

What if someone told you that the solution to this problem lies in ingredients such as pomegranate peels, sea salt and soap nuts? True that! Here’s one amazing woman, who – along with her husband – has turned to traditional Indian dying techniques and is now able to not just print t-shirts with natural dyes, but sarees, paper and walls too! Meet Sonal Baid, the Co-founder of Aura Herbal Textiles.

Through ancient Indian techniques and organic dyes Aura hopes to change the face of the colour industry. “We started out wanting to change industries and we’ve been doing just that,” says Sonal whilst in conversation with Lakshmi Rebecca. Sonal also shares about how it all started, the challenges faced so far and how this business has brought her and her husband closer together.

Time to watch the amazing video below!

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