How An Engineer Is Changing The Lives Of Small Farmers in India

Posted: December 15, 2014

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Meet Devi Murthy, an engineer who works to solve the problems of small farmers in India, with the help of technology.

Yes, you read that right!

Indian Farmers don’t have it easy. 80% of them are small-scale farmers who lack resources to sustain through drought, debt, and crop failure or to keep up with rising fuel prices and labour costs. Devi Murthy is helping solve their problems through her cool new start up, Kamal Kisan.

Devi and her team manufacture low cost mechanisation equipment for India’s small scale farmers. In this conversation over chai, Devi tells Lakshmi about the challenges Indian farmers have to face on a daily basis and, how being a woman has worked in her favour. “It takes empathy to work with them. They deserve to be treated as customers,” explains Devi.

To know more on Devi’s awesome work. Watch the video!

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  1. could I meet ms.devi murthy?I live in Mumbai so I would need to fix an appointment with her.first I would need her email id.she is so intelligent ,it would be an honour to meet with her,and aske her for some advice on how I could self employ myself at home working on my computer perhaps..

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