Enabling India’s Disabled, With Shanthi Raghavan [Video]

Posted: September 8, 2014

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Shanthi  Raghavan’s inspiring approach to enabling India’s disabled includes training, technology, and tons of determination. Know more about her journey here!

“Disability isn’t the problem, the lack of solutions that work for the disabled is.” Shanti Raghavan is a believer. She says, “Any person with disability actually can do any job if they have the right solution. I call it the ‘workplace’ solution. For instance if you or I want to see at night we would use a torch, and in the same way a person with disability can use a suitable solution and achieve a similar result.”

Shanti’s brother, Hari, started losing his eyesight at the age of fifteen due to retinitis pigmentosa, a disease that gradually diminishes eyesight. During Hari’s visit to the US when he was almost still a teenager, where Shanti and her husband – Dipesh Sutaria – lived at the time, they collectively decided that if he couldn’t see, that didn’t mean he couldn’t do. And so, they did: they attempted every kind of adventure sport and every – ‘ing’… swimming, kayaking and snorkeling too! This is the summer that initiated Shanti and Dipesh, into the world of empowering people with disabilities.

Today, Shanti and Dipesh run Enable India, an organization that is enabling thousands of people with disability, allowing them to contribute on par with the able. They do this by creating solutions that include – sometimes even technology, by training differently abled men and women, by sensitizing corporates on how to effectively employ people with disabilities, and by working closely with the state government to create inclusive policies.

To know more on the lives that Enable India has touched and Shanthi Raghavan’s inspiring contribution in this space, watch this video from Chai with Lakshmi!

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