How A Woman From Bihar Helps 10,000 Entrepreneurs Across India [Video]

Posted: November 3, 2014

Stories are a way to connect people, to inspire, and to propel innovation. Meet Shradha Sharma, the founder of YourStory, a platform that brings together stories of 10,000 Indian entrepreneurs!

Here’s the story of a woman entrepreneur whose upbringing as a Bihari girl has influenced her journey, who faced challenges in being a female entrepreneur, and whose husband and dogs have been constant motivators.

For Shradha Sharma, the idea of began with a bit of Googling. The then CNBC employee was curious to read stories of Indian entrepreneurs whose businesses were interesting, out-of-the box ideas. Much to her surprise, Shradha realised that there wasn’t one platform that was dedicated to telling such stories and so, she founded

“Being a child of the internet, I realised that it would be amazing to act as a conduit of these entrepreneurial stories to the rest of the world,” says Shradha, whilst sipping chai with Lakshmi Rebecca.

This is a video that isn’t just inspiring, it’s Awesome! Watch it below:


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