India’s Sensational Golfer: Sharmila Nicollet

Posted: December 29, 2014

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With many laurels in her bag, Sharmila Nicollet is out to give Indian golf a place in the world. Know more about her journey and life, at Chai with Lakshmi.

At first glance, Sharmila Nicollet is the nation’s sexiest golfer.  She is young, beautiful, and busy representing India on the global golf circuit. But, as Lakshmi sits down with her for a cup of chai, it is clear that there is a lot more to this French-Tamil golfer than meets the eye.

In this video, we peek into Sharmila’s busy training schedule, her love for animals and car modification, and the challenges involved in women’s golf in India

“I think women’s golf needs an international win to attract more sponsors to invest in women’s golf” says Sharmila in this conversation with Lakshmi Rebecca.

To know more about this sensational golfer, watch the video below.

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