Nandita Das Supports Inclusion. Do You? [Video]

Posted: June 2, 2014

We cannot bridge gaps unless we are aware of them. In this inspiring video, Nandita Das shares her beliefs about inclusion, compassion, and leaving behind a better world for our children.

When speaking of Nandita Das, the things that come to mind are her critically acclaimed films, impressive roles, and dusky beauty. But on India’s first award winning online talk show, Chai with Lakshmi, you discover more about this amazing actress: you discover her views on inclusion.

“I think inclusivity… will inspire a more humane and compassionate society,” says Nandita Das. She talks about attitudes towards skin colour and how important it is for her as a mother to have her 3 year old son grow up in a compassionate society – one that is inclusive.

The actor and social activist talks about how she is using cinema – for example her directorial debut Firaaq – and theatre – for example, ‘Between the Lines’ – to inspire conversation about the gaps that exist in Indian society. “When you work with the marginalized community, the idea is not to keep them in that cocoon, the idea is to make them… a part of an active society,” says Nandita as she sips chai. In the interview, she goes on to talk about her support for The India Inclusion Summit and how she believes it can help in facilitating inclusion for persons with disability in the nation, and acknowledge existing efforts of the same.

This is a video you don’t want to miss!





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