When’s India’s First Ironman Is A Woman : With Anu Vaidyanathan [Video]

Posted: July 21, 2014

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Superheroines are real, proves Anu Vaidyanathan. Watch her talk about her journey, triumphs, and challenges in becoming India’s Ironman.

So what’s it like to be India’s first Ironman if you’re a woman? Find out from India’s first Ironman and accomplished triathlete, Anu Vaidyanathan in this video from Chai with Lakshmi.

Anu was the first Indian to qualify for the Half Ironman World Championships and the first Asian to compete and finish Ultraman, a three day triathlon stage race comprising a 10K swim, 420K bike ride, and an 84.4K run.

In an interview with Lakshmi Rebecca, Anu talks about her most amazing experiences and about safety issues she has faced while training on Indian roads: right from being mistaken for a thief to being followed by men on a moped. Even the strongest of women have to go through this. Anu says, “there have been a couple of safety incidents, that could have been off the edge, people will follow you… they will say things. Either you have to ignore them or somehow get into a crowd.”

However, irrespective of the challenges that lie on route and the holistic development that is yet to be seen in sports in India, Anu believes that her training – which begins at 4 am everyday has to be done.  This is then religiously followed by 6 to 8 hours of work, and then another 2 hours of working out indoors. She is indeed Ironman. And along with being a triathlete, this amazing woman is an entrepreneur and an academician, and the voice of a non-profit that is bringing back girl children into Rajasthan’s rural schools. Watch the video, meet the inspiring Anu Vaidyanathan!




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