Early Orange Flower Nominees Who Are Focusing On Issues Of Women At Work

Meet early Orange Flower nominees who are discussing women's workplace issues, and suggesting solutions to help women excel professionally.

Women face various issues at work. These often remain unacknowledged and underreported. However, not anymore. On Women’s Web, we have women who point out the inequalities, challenges, and barriers women face in their workplace. Their open communication is helping bring to notice the situational realities of women so that leaders can take action to make the workplace safer and more productive for female employees. Meet our early bird Orange Flower Award nominees who write with women’s workplace issues at the forefront.

Neela Moitra addresses the issues of domestic workers. She looks at the workplaces beyond corporate walls. Neela writes to ensure every working woman gets the respect she deserves.

Shailja Mishra is a writer and blogger who encourages body positivity through her work. She shares tips on how women can be each other’s source of support in times of adversity.

Neha Pant works as a writer in high-tech and writes about the various barriers women face in a field not considered suitable for them. She questions these biases and motivates women to engage with STEM.

Pamini Hemaprabha discusses the double burden working women face when managing their work and home. She discusses how women can master their work-life balance and professional needs.

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Kavitha Murali writes about the several issues women tackle at work. Using examples of sabbaticals, pregnancy leaves, and more, Kavitha questions how a reformed organizational mindset is crucial for female empowerment at work.

Smita Das Jain is a professional executive coach and a passionate writer. Her work revolves around the lives of women at work. She highlights how women can have it all but don’t necessarily need to force themselves to be superwomen. Smita uses her writing to help women find a balance through which they can prioritize themselves.

Sonal Singh believes in the power of women and focuses on making them centric in the world of employment. She has penned several pieces on women finding their space at work. Some of her work also borrows from her life experiences and gives suggestions to aspiring female leaders.

Pooja Priyamvadahas written several pieces on working women who have broken societal norms to achieve professional success. Her work is an ode to the women redefining the concept of womanhood through their careers.

Geetika K Bakshi is a working professional who borrows stories from her life and observations to tell readers about the dilemmas working women face. She also emphasizes the prioritization of mental health for working women. 

Ramya GR has written about employed women amid transition. She has focused on how the pandemic has asked women to live their work lives differently, especially during life-altering events. 

Lalitha Ramanathan is a finance professional and a blogger. She talks about women’s career goals and the need for society to understand that they need support too. 

Vandana Joshil writes about the need for women to take credit for their hard work. She encourages women to be each other’s support system to remind them of their excellence. 

Aashisha Chakraborty weaves her fiction-writing skills with the problems working women tackle. From the fact that many industries do not employ females to the overall low female employment, Aashisha asks her readers how it is that we can make the workforce more diverse.

Parvadavardini Sethuraman focuses on the rights of women in the workplace. She is an advocate working toward meeting her goal of gender equality. 

Dr. Pooja Birwatkar is a researcher and a post-doctorate in social sciences. She has contributed to the experiences of working women in academia. She has also shared a guide on her Ph.D. journey to comment on the perception of this qualification as a woman.

These women are putting women’s workplace issues at the forefront. How many have you read, and do you agree with their ideas to help make the workplace better for women?

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