As Working Women, Let’s Take Charge Of Our Digital And Hormonal Wellness!

Women’s Web collaborated with Manipal Hospital, Whitefield to empower working women like you to take charge of navigating their digital lives and hormonal wellness to avoid overload. Find out how.

In today’s world, what is better than a combined talk on women’s physical health and digital wellness? As both affect the way we live our lives in this connected world. Women’s Web was recently proud to be associated with Manipal Hospital Whitefield, in building a platform that discussed vital strategies to help women manage their digital presence and wellness quotient.

Under the banner of better connectivity, we have dedicated most of our time to digital activities, and its importance is even more for women in the workforce or those who aim to be in the workforce –  You could be a salaried woman or an entrepreneur; your busy life demands a digital presence. But this could be leading to digital overload.

When the day begins and ends with scrolling through various social media channels, how can you find a balance between the real and the virtual?

Navigating Digital Life #TakeCharge answered this question. A Manipal Hospital (Whitefield) initiative conducted in collaboration with Manipal Community Connect aimed to build awareness on how working women can better manage their digital activities.

The event was an instantaneous hit with the discussions led by our speakers – Savitha Nanjappa, Business and Executive Coach, and Dr. Deepthi Ashwin, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Manipal Hospital.

Navigating Digital Life #TakeCharge brought together 32 enthusiastic women and men ready to take control of their lives. Aparna Vedapuri Singh, Co-Founder at Women’s Web, hosted the event, whereas Anju Jayaram, Co-Founder at Women’s Web, led a panel discussion. 

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Other Women’s Web team members also dedicated their time this weekend to ensure guest speakers, panelists, influencers, and attendees reached the venue smoothly and everything went according to plan.

Both speakers beautifully engaged the audience

Savitha Nanjappa discussed Digital Wellness. She spoke of how we live our lives online, and especially as career women, remain highly focused on our portrayal on LinkedIn. However, women often hesitate to share opinions and perspectives on digital media.

Our experiences enrich us, and unless we take the first step – we deprive ourselves of experiences. Digital wellness starts when we build our digital presence on our journey to greatness. We must put across our wins, no matter how small or big. An empowering takeaway from Savitha’s talk was that we build strong personas when we watch how we portray ourselves.

Dr. Deepthi Ashwin led a discussion on hormonal changes in women and their wellness. There were women there from various age groups and walks of life, and she helped them bring to light the topics once considered taboo and answered audience questions on reproductive health and well-being. It speaks a lot about the safe, inclusive spaces that Women’s Web has created for our community, that women felt empowered to discuss openly many such topics.

Well-known Instagram personalities and bloggers Misbah Khan, Karishma Sinha, Suchetha C Mogaveera, Haani, Shweta Yadav, Tushaara CD, Nithya David, and Nikhila also attended the event to promote the ability of women across various backgrounds to #TakeCharge.

In response to the event, Karishma shared, “Sometimes that positive energy is what we need. Learning and getting to know women from different facets of life was helpful to think through life again.”

Women like you and I, who spend time building digital identities, must find a balance between the online and offline space and a stronghold and confidence in how we project ourselves. #TakeCharge was about connecting with empowering women who make this possible and motivate others to do the same.

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