Apurva Purohit, Co-Founder Aazol: Career Transition Is More Than A Change In Job Title

Apurva Purohit transitioned her career to set up food brand Aazol, after three decades of corporate experience to empower women. Learn how you can fuel your career transition through her experiences.

Career transitions are empowering junctures that add new layers to our life. The accessibility to make career shifts today has supported impact-oriented individuals in exploring their professional philosophies regardless of age or years of experience.

The story of Apurva Purohit, Co-Founder of her food brand, Aazol, is one that exemplifies the impact career transitions have. She proves that when you are passionate about a cause, your career transition is more than a change in the job title. It is a purpose-driven journey.

Apurva has had a thriving and powerful career. She spent over three decades in the corporate world as a senior leader building and scaling prominent media businesses like Radio City, Zee TV, Times Television Network, and Jagran Prakash Ltd. Apurva is a leading voice in the Indian Business landscape and has played a critical role as a gender advocate. She is the author of two national bestselling books, ‘Lady, You’re the Boss’ and ‘Lady, You’re Not A Man’ that empower women to reach their full potential.

A LinkedIn Top Voice, and the recipient of prestigious awards like Most Powerful Women in Business, Apurva has proved her expertise, dedication, and excellence in the corporate world. She is currently an Independent Director, a private equity advisor, and a prominent businesswoman. Apurva is the Co-Founder of Aazol, a brand that represents homemade, wholesome food.

But there’s more to Apurva’s story. Over the years, she has embraced change to align her professional goals and passions. Peek into Apurva’s career journey that encourages us to notice fulfillment in transitions.

Aazol, a blend of food and empowerment

Apurva has always been a champion for women’s empowerment, and so, at its core, Aazol is dedicated to empowering women in rural India. Apurva passionately shares, “Women in rural areas face limited job opportunities, and we wanted to change that. For us, Aazol is a reminder of women and their agency.”

Aazol sources high-quality, authentic food products from women across Maharashtra and brings them to your plate at fair prices. As the supply-chain enabler and mediator between women and consumers, Apurva’s brand Aazol supports women from Self Help Groups to become financially independent and earn their livelihood.

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Apurva Purohit says stepping out of the comfort zone signifies growth

Apurva bid farewell to her corporate career to embrace an entrepreneurial role for two reasons: to bring you healthy food and to create a social impact.

Crossing the career bridge, however, needs more than a bout of passion. It requires honing responsibility, charting unfamiliar territories, being dedicated to your cause, and more. How did Apurva do it?

She shares, “I have been practicing to reach here all my life. I have been practicing by willingly jumping out of my comfort zone.”

Jumping out of your comfort zone!

You may want to transition careers like Apurva, but how do you perceive moving out of your comfort zone?

Apurva thinks of comfort zones as security blankets – places where you feel safe but also experience stagnation. Moving out, therefore, means facing challenges while inviting growth. A transition at the end of the day is that.

So, how can we step out of our comfort zones when deciding to transition careers? Apurva says, “Being flexible is what makes it easier. Train yourself to be adaptable and take that leap.” Her secret recipe for success is the belief that “Trying is more important than being successful.”

“Yes, I transitioned careers at 55” but there’s more to it

Being a woman close to the socially accepted retirement age and starting a business is enough to be on the receiving end of social stigma. Unfortunately, that does not mean you can dodge ageism even if you decide to switch careers at an earlier age.

You could be a fresher, a senior leader, or anywhere in between; ageism will follow… but the good news is your career transition is not dependent on age. What drives it?

Apurva says, “Yes, I transitioned careers at 55, but my professional learnings helped me. In my career, I have transitioned from advertising to the business side of media, and now I run Aazol with my son. If not my second innings, it marks my third or fourth innings.”

Apurva faced her share of ageism as some asked her why she started a business at the ‘Age of Relaxing’. However, being true to her purpose, Apurva defied these stereotypes and biases.

She reminds women, “There is no wrong age to embark on a journey. Biases like ageism or stereotypes will hinder your journey but do not let them stop you from reaching your goals. Step up and empower yourself.”

Apurva Purohit’s guide to transitioning careers

Apurva shares nuggets of information for women undergoing career transitions. She says:

  • Your skills drive your career transition, not your age
  • Seek help when you must, and write to mentors who can help during your transition journey
  • You may experience impostor syndrome but remember you must challenge it
  • Maintain flexibility and adaptability
  • Focus on your purpose over other things.

Apurva stepped out of her comfort zone, took her leap, and is today responsible for the financial independence of many women through an empowering medium called Aazol. How are you preparing for your career transition, and what does your purpose-filled journey look like?

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