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Do You Know About This Astonishing Range Of Feminism In Literature; Past, Present, & Future?

Feminism in literature has only grown in strength, from its inception in the works of the earliest female writers. Looking ahead, across genres, the future is feminist.

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10 Compelling Reasons To Continue Blogging Even If Nobody Is Reading

There are so many of us out there in the blogger world, writing and creating content every day. Do people really read what we write? If not, why do we continue blogging?

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A Joyous Retelling Of Myths By Strong, Even Audacious Feminist Voices That Are Eerily Modern
The Birth of Kali review

The Birth of Kali celebrates the spirit of pluralism and fluidity in Indian myths, retelling them from the perspective of 9 feminist feminist voices that speak of inner feelings not usually addressed.

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#MuseOfTheMonth Cue For September 2018: “Paint The Sky, Make It Yours”
Muse of the month September 2018

Read the prompt, put on your writer’s hat, and tell us a story that passes the Bechdel Test, for the Muse of the Month, September 2018. 

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“Writing Is Like Unburdening Myself On Paper!” Nandita Sharma, Author Of The Month, July 2018
Nandita Sharma

Nandita Sharma feels that women should not need to "take permission" for their choices, and is angered by the fact that daughters are brought up to be dependent in our society.

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“I Write For The Little Girl In Me Who Dared To Dream.” Khimpi Dutta, Author Of The Month, July 2018
Khimpi Dutta

Khimpi Dutta writes nuanced articles on issues that bother her about how women are treated or expected to behave. Her personal experiences give her fodder for her writing.

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