Meet The Early Nominees Of Orange Flower Who Are Using Their Social Handles To Usher In Change

The Orange Flower Awards is here to recognize the incredible work of women, and here are some of our early nominees who are using their social media handle to bring about a change.

With the rapid advancement in science and technology, it is believed that the digital medium is soon going to be the way of the world. Especially podcasts. Their growing popularity is the testament to the fact that people are ready to listen to important conversations. Ones that bring about a change or bring a different perspective.

Shwetha Sivaraman uses her podcast channel to share stories by humans are who in the process of achieving their dream. We hear success stories from people who have already made it big, but it was the humans in progress, as she calls them, who inspired her to connect them to her listeners.

Through her podcast series, Nithi CJ hopes to inspire her listeners to find a true purpose in their lives and keep striving towards it. In the muddled times of pandemic and the subsequent recovery from it, one really ought to have a passion, and her podcast is here for it!

Nilshree Damani Yelulkar started her podcast with the intention to provide authors a platform to speak about their books, when her own author friend couldn’t find one. The authors can discuss their books and more, instead of following a predetermined set of interview questions. 

Bhavna Toor uses her podcast series to cover a series of topics based on conscious choices that women could take to live and lead effectively. The topics range from conscious leadership, inclusion, to conscious consumption and parenting. 

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Shikha Pandey through her podcast series encourages her listeners to tap into the true human potential by becoming more self-aware and moving past emotional baggage that pull us down. She uses a combination of strategies like wisdom talks, breathing techniques, tips and tricks, etc. to make her podcast interesting and user-friendly.

Rashmi Shetty believes that it is our uniqueness and individuality that makes us special. She shares stories of inspiring people who moved beyond their comfort zones and made a difference in the world around them.

Via her podcast series, Karpagam Gopal, opens up about her experiences throughout her life, and how she subsequently decided to stand up to claim her rights. She hopes to inspire other women to overcome their challenges and claim their deserving space in the society. 

Sudeshna Chowdhury introduces to her listeners to Womeniya, which is an all-female band. She interviewed the members in the long journalism interview format to bring forth their stories and struggles. The band is much sought-after in the whole country, and Sudeshna’s podcast is the perfect way to get to know them a little better!

Subha Chandrasekaran ropes in experts of various industries to help her audience members who are seeking a step-up in their career and professional lives. Intermingling personal anecdotes and recommendations, her conversations with her guests are deeply insightful and are very relevant to the Indian workplace context.

As the famous fashion model, Gigi Hadid puts it, “We get to live in a time that we get to use social media as a tool.” Social media is a boon for those who use it the right way! With the wide outreach, it has come to be one of the strongest tools to bring about a change.

Anindita Roy is an ardent body positivity activist, and utilises her social media handle to talk about plus size fashion, body-shaming, and body issues. While spreading such awareness, she is managing her brand that makes gorgeous pocket-friendly clothes for size as much as 12XL!

Sweta Papaiyawala uses her social media account to share interesting facts about Indian tourist spots that have an intriguing history connected to it. She is consistent with her posting, and keeps a close watch on her audience engagement to get an idea about the demands of her viewers.

Aastha Maheshwari is a travel bug, and loves sharing her travel stories with her viewers. Taking to her social media, she ensures that brings forth the natural beauty of the place. Moreover, she shares her conversations with the locals of the tourist spot that she documents them over a trip. A true traveller indeed!

Shreya Gautam gets real with her followers. She shares her own mental health journey and struggles with them in the hope that they feel less lonely and seek the right kind of help. She considers her biggest achievement as one where she inspired a new mother to recognize her symptoms of post-partum depression, and move towards recovery.

As a travel blogger, Milan Singhal covers her travel destination through videos to capture the true essence of the tourist spot. Simultaneously, she also shares her reviews of properties and makes sure that they reach the maximum engagement by rigorously following multiple algorithmic strategies of Instagram.

Soma Ghosh loves Science and Art, and she uses her Instagram account to bridge the gap between the two. She shares stories of women in STEM, and covers in details their journey in order to inspire her followers to take up Science. Moreover, through the help of art, she explains complicated scientific concept. Who said Science and Art can’t go hand in hand?

Amrita Sabat is trying to change perception of the society when it comes to textile processing and weaving. She takes to her social account to share with her followers how intricately women are associated with not just the process of weaving, but also preprocessing. Her business receives more orders and engagement every time she shares these behind the scenes bits.

Akansha Bansal uses her Facebook group to conduct workshops, contests, tips on making resumes, share job opportunities, or courses to upskill yourself. This group especially benefits women who want to restart their career after a gap. 

Nidhi Trivedi Mishra’s group works actively towards environmental protection, trees in particular. She arranges for campaigns and drives to plant trees, with the help of her supporters and followers in various parts of the country especially MP, Rajasthan, and Telangana.  

Through her Facebook group, Jyoti Agarwal has been able to form a community of individuals who are driven by gender equality. They support one another in the journey of life, and motivate to overcome their challenges, while instilling confidence in new moms. After running the group successfully for 7 years, their biggest achievement came when they were able to start their own sustainable brand.

Vrushali Barbare uses a 3 way approach to engage parents, children, and educators. Her group is a small community of authors and storytellers who produce meaningful and engaging content for children, every day. 

Shilpa Venkat is the founder of an amazing group that is a helpful community for women. Previously run on Telegram, and launched on Facebook last year, this group is a safe haven for women entrepreneurs where they can connect, communicate, network, and grow. 

It is truly so inspiring to see the incredible work that women are doing to make the world a better place to live in!

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