Virginia Woolf
Virginia Woolf Said, ‘Damn The Patriarchy, Find Your Own Way And Your Own Voice In Life!’

"Do NOT take your privilege for granted," says Virginia Woolf, telling us that we must, as women, steal some time from our daily drudgery and nurture our talent and passion.

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Instead Of Whitewashing History By Cancelling Dead Authors, Let’s Demand Real Change
Enid Blyton cancelled

Enid Blyton was 'cancelled' by a UK charity this week, and twitter has been abuzz. But can we look at problematic dead authors in a different way?

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Writing A Book Is Somewhat Like Making Love – Baring Yourself Despite Anxiety

I began writing when I wanted to speak, and there was no one else to listen. So I began to write and talk to myself, and listened to my own voice, and then, I began to tell my story.

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What Helped Me Heal: A Look At Lisa Ray The Woman, Beyond The Model & Actor She Is
Lisa Ray Close to the Bone memoir

Lisa Ray. A model, actor, TV personality, and now also a bestselling writer of her memoir of a fight against cancer, speaks of what helped her heal.

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Our Current Reality Is On A Highway To Hell, But Sometimes Imaginary Horror Helps Cope
Route 13 Highway to Hell

Route 13: Highway To Hell, an anthology of horror stories by members of the writing collective, The Hive, uses fiction as a medium to explore some everyday horrors.

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16-Yr-Old Vedika Sharma Shows Boys They Don’t Need To ‘Man Up’ To Fit Toxic Norms
Vedika Sharma

Teenage author Vedika Sharma demolishes the toxic norm of 'boys will be boys' that prevents boys and men from being fully themselves, through her pathbreaking book Boys Will Be Better.

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