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Meet The Early Nominees Of Orange Flower Who Are Social Media Pros

With the Orange Flowers Awards right around the corner, here are a few of our nominees who use their social media handles in a powerful way.

We have an ample number of resources online, each reminding us about the downside of social media, but how often have you heard someone say that there is actually a brighter side to it? Remarkable digital content is being created daily, and a significant part of the content that we consume on digital platforms is the brainchild of incredible women.

In this seventh edition of the Orange Flower Awards, presented by Women’s Web, we have included a category on Social Media where women could get recognized for their tremendous work.

For instance, isn’t it wonderful to see how artists use art to connect with their audience via social media?

Rhiti Chatterjee Bose is an art teacher who uses the social platform to advocate for the ethical practice of art, and fair payment of rural artists, while educating her viewers about tribal and folk art forms.

Mihikaa Singh is a published author, a certified pianist from the Trinity College of London, and an artist whose work has been published in various international magazines including “The Blue Marble Review”. Her speciality lies in acrylic canvasses.

A full-time super mom to 2 super energetic kids, Molshree Ambasthy uses her surroundings and nature as her muse, and art as her medium to express her thoughts. She uses her social media handle as a portfolio where interested buyers can purchase her art.

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Aestheticism is not just restricted to art. I believe the concept is more related to photography in today’s digital age. They can offer perspectives from a different angle, something that usually misses our distracted eyes. Cameras capture stories, and pictures narrate them.

Just like Maansi Singh, who is extremely passionate about photography. She likes to capture memories into frames because she believes that “life is short, and it needs vibrancy.”

Meenakshi M Singh claims to be a novice photographer. But ask us, she is just being humble! One of her captures was selected for an exhibition in the Museo Camera Centre of art and photography in Gurgaon and has been there ever since.

Mital Shah, on the other hand, believes to use her social media to share inspiring messages that will bring about a difference in someone’s life. She wants other women to stride towards their true ambition in life, irrespective of the multiple challenges that come their way.

And what if the content is all about food? Food is a necessity. Not just for foodies, but for existence and sustenance, really. And healthy eating is the way to healthy living.

Richa Tiwari experiments with seasonal produce and curates unique and special home-grown recipes for her viewers. Festivals are a little extra warmth for those who try out her recipes! She also happens to be our runner-up for the Best #foodgram category of Orange Flower Awards 2021.

Our #girllovesbling (popular Instagram handle alert)! Jerlyn DSilva is a fashionista who is also a vastly loved food blogger from Pune. She calls her food blogging account her happiness project, and it is ours too!

As the name suggests, Chef Reetu Uday Kugaji, is a professional in the culinary field for 20 years. Despite the rise in popularity of fusion cuisine, she uses her social handle to share the untold recipes of authentic Indian cuisine. She wants to make sure that the Indian heritage is not lost, and we thank you for your passion.

Ashvini Naik uses her Instagram handle to not just share delightful recipes, but also to establish a warm and personal connection with her audience. To achieve so, she uses multiple strategies like sharing funny behind the scenes videos, polls, and suggestions on her the next recipe.

Rohini Natti, on the other hand, has her niche set with cute lunch box ideas for every day! Consequently, she has earned the blessings of many parents and love from their children!

With COVID-19 halting the daily routine of life, we saw the rise of numerous innovative new business ideas via the power of Instagram. In fact, Meta introduced the Instagram store feature so that business owners could use the social media platform to attract customers and grow their businesses. Enter #Instapreneur.

Joyadrita Ragavendran began her journey as a lockdown home chef. Via her Instagram, she intended to take her native cuisine to the global market. She also uses small tales from her childhood memory related to her dish. It warms my heart!

Rashi Roy uses her Instagram handle as a medium to sell handmade paintings and recycled crafts, the proceeds of which go to cancer patients. Named in loving memory of her father, her art raises awareness about cancer. Her business has grown ever since, and now she is a proud CSR partner for a corporate. Way to go!

We all have an opinion on all things that matter, but it is important that we educate ourselves about them before expressing them. And reels are the best online way to do so.

Sindhu Priyadharsini Sankar believes in delivering just the truth, and hence, she ensures that her research is authentic and intrinsic. She keeps her DM open for conversations pertaining to the issue.

Aaparna Dwivedi is an astrologer, palmist, and tarot card reader. She uses Instagram Reels to preach astro-remedies through which her customers have benefitted from.

Deeksha Tripathi is all for self-love! Via her reels, she hopes to preach love and acceptance of self, which has the power to heal heart and soul. She preaches techniques through which one can practise self-love.

Debidutta Mohanty uses her social media handle to debunk myths, expectations, and judgements about women by society. She says, “Women are judged in so many ways. But, do we care?”

‘Tis the time for Instagram. But once upon a time, what brought social media to be popular was Facebook (sorry Meta, it is still Facebook for us). And despite all the change in algorithm, looks, name, and everything else, the best thing about that platform are Facebook Groups. Especially if they are used for a powerful purpose.

Words are powerful, and Vidya Raj uses the Facebook Group to write poetries and connect with her audience through them.

Started in 2019, Pradeepthi Vissamsetti created the first Telugu community for mothers on Facebook and provides mothers with a judgement-free space to share their stories, vent, and bond over their parenting journeys.

Kajal Kapur’s group is a delightful haven for writers and poets. With numerous submissions from multiple participants, one supports the other and promotes publishing opportunities from different sources on the same.

Anjali G Sharma created Maitri, her Facebook group, to create a community of less privileged girls from Delhi either studying in high school or pursuing graduation. She intends to connect them with opportunities and mentors that will enhance their lives, and help them join the mainstream. There’s so much satisfaction to see women helping other women!

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