Early Orange Flower Nominees Whose Writing Reflects Conscious Awareness

As our Orange Flower Awards are coming soon, here's a selection of our nominees who reflect consciousness when they interact with readers.

One of the foremost demands of fruitful writing is being aware of what you put on paper. Doing so gives your material the foundation it needs, and helps readers connect better with your ideas. The writing community at Women’s Web does just this. Our contributors put a lot of thought into their pieces when they write about self-care and well-being. The Orange Flower Awards, a Women’s Web initiative, recognizes these women who have gripped the audience with their storytelling and observation skills. Come, and meet our early bird nominees whose writing reflects conscious awareness.

Priyanka Kabra is a self-development blogger who aims to help her readers connect better with themselves through word and art. She talks about the importance of introspection to succeed in life.

Smitha Murthy is a storyteller who weaves words in support of feminism, mental health, and the LGBTQ+ community. She uses her poetic writing style to tell readers about the multifaceted truths of society.

Saakshi Singla is a child development expert who firmly believes in gender equality. Her work highly focuses on parenting and LGBTQ issues. She is an experienced counselor who can give you better insight into your relationships.

Sindhu Vinod Narayan is on the mission of increasing readership among children. She does this by making reading a ‘fun activity’. Her work tells you about some of the best reads for children.

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Getting children to read is only one part of parenting. At Women’s Web, our contributors focus on the many different aspects of parenting.

For instance, Ritika Subhash is a storyteller who connects with children through rhyme and imagination. She is also an advocate for conscious parenting. Have you read her work yet?

Meeta Chablani is a working mom who often learns something new about parenting. She uses her experiences to write about balancing work with the full-time role of being a mother.

Kavita Yadav writes about the several challenges parents face. However, she believes navigating these situations can become easy with support.

Kapila Rattan Bhowmik talks about the realities of families. While parenting is one aspect that she focuses on, she has also contributed to the importance of acknowledging mental health.

Shehrebanu Kagalwala talks about the importance of safeguarding your wellness as a parent. She can tell you how as a parent you take care of the self first.

As we move on to wellness, V Rashmi Rao propagates the need for strength training. She rightly puts across an essential point that women must overcome biases and stereotypes that stop them from maintaining their health and body as per their ability.

Deepti Sehgal is the founder of Svarasya and focuses on Yoga and Ayurveda. She is also a macrobiotic nutritionist and an author who can help you get in touch with your calmer, healthier self.

Lastly, Anitha S focuses on the need for women to give healthcare and wellness at least sometime during the day. You could be a parent, a corporate professional, or more, but you must take care of yourself.

Altogether these women have carefully curated content drawing from their experiences. As experts, when they help you understand wellness, introspection, and self-care, they write with awareness. How many of their works have you read?

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