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Khimpi Dutta
“I Write For The Little Girl In Me Who Dared To Dream.” Khimpi Dutta, Author Of The Month, July 2018

Khimpi Dutta writes nuanced articles on issues that bother her about how women are treated or expected to behave. Her personal experiences give her fodder for her writing.

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“I’m A Bibliophile Who Believes In The Magic Of Words” Opinionated Mua, Author Of The Month, July 2018
Opinionated Mua

Opinionated Mua, true to her name, selects topics that she feels strongly about to write on. Sexism, and the mindset that normalises it and does not feel it's a problem, bothers her and drives her to write on it.

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: The Problems Of Raising A Feminist Child In Today’s World

Want to raise feminist children? Feminist writer Chaimamanda Ngozi Adichie talks about the various challenges one faces in a society rooted in gender stereotypes. 

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Here’s Inspiration To Write Your Own Story For Muse Of The Month #June2018
Muse of the Month, June 2018

Read the prompt, put on your writer's hat, and tell us a story that passes the Bechdel Test, for the Muse of the Month, June 2018. 

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A Beginner’s Guide To Feminism In 21 Articles By Feminist Writers
feminist writers

Based on my own journey with feminism, I’ve put together a list of articles by feminist writers that could help if you really want to learn about it.

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The Lesson: A Dystopian Novel By Sowmya Rajendran [Book Review]

Deceptively simple, The Lesson by Sowmya Rajendran is an easy read, but also a dystopian feminist novel that leaves you thinking long after you’ve put it down.

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