Early Orange Flower Nominees Who Are Using The Digital Medium In Powerful Ways

As our Orange Flower Awards are coming soon, here's showcasing a selection of our nominees who are making a social impact with their voice.

Melinda Gates once said, “A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman”. At Women’s Web, we believe in something similar. When women participate in dialogue and express their realities, challenges, and skills through various mediums, they exceed boundaries and showcase strength.

The Orange Flower Awards, a Women’s Web initiative, is a marker of identifying the best of the best of these women. We are delighted to have among us women who have nominated themselves for their ability to blend together their voices and beliefs through the medium of writing, recording, and voice. Come meet our first few early birds who bring you impactful content.

Upasana Dandona utilizes her skills to string together stories and poetry. She is a consumer of Bollywood films and is an avid review writer. Now you know where you can learn more about movies.

Salini Vineeth believes in the effect laughter can have. Humor is definitely something that translates into her stories. Her wit has given her the readership she deserves.

Likewise, Aditi Dar humorously puts together important points on issues ranging from diversity to social impact.

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The speed at which diversity is becoming a part of our lives today is a much-needed evolution. Precisely why Neelima Chakara uses words to put together the experiences of working women in today’s world. She is a coach who hails from the corporate world. Read her work for corporate insights.

Sangeeta Venkatesh uses various mediums to tell us about the diverse spaces women can explore through print and social media. She is an author and a visual creator who is passionate about making an impact. You can also watch her series on Sustainable Living on the Women’s Web Youtube channel.

Rakhi Jayashankar explores diversity through her love for hashtags. She uses social media to tell us all about eating the right food to being fit. Are you following her already?

Dr. Sonali Pattnaik writes about healthcare and can give you reliable parenting tips. She is a teacher and a committed mother who is exploring the advantages of homeschooling.

Sakshi Varma also uses her experiences to address the parents in our audience. She is an author who believes in propagating equality by helping women spread their wings.

Pooja Marwah is a gemologist by profession and a writer by heart. She has won two digital awards and has been nominated for her literary talent. An explorer, Pooja has also launched a newspaper titled, ‘The Soaring Eaglet’ for children.

Narayani Manapadam is a proud cat mom and a punny writer. She uses fiction, humor, and her observations to tell us about social truths. As an IT professional, she says she finds refuge in Word.

Debarati Sen writes to bring to the forefront the journeys of women across social standings. But, she doesn’t stop there. She writes to see women across all social categories win at life.

Today, we have among us, writers like Shruti Singh and Neeru Monga who focus on giving women powerful solutions to live their life. Shruti Singh is a firm believer in gender equality and is working toward uncovering the rich meaning of women’s empowerment.

Similarly, Neeru Monga has made sure working women get the recognition, rights, and privileges they deserve in the workplace.

They write to make our world a better place for women. And, making women feel powerful can mean many things.

For instance, Smriti Malhotra who works at the Embassy of the Republic of Congo, makes women realize the importance of their voice. She asks women to prioritize themselves before others.

Samantha Dey Bose reminds women their body mattersTheir health is dependent on the food they eat and the exercise they give their bodies.

Tanya Malik is an intersectional feminist who has contributed to women’s health. She proudly talks about the importance of self-acceptance in women’s lives.

Mukta Sharma uses her skills to remind women that their mental and physical health matters. As a woman, it is your right to grow intellectually and give your body the care it deserves.

Preethi M Rao uses the fictional space to emphasize the truths of Indian women. Her storytelling skills with a touch of humor connect you to the reality of Indian women.

Pallavi Prakash Kumar is a young mother who loves using her imagination to spin tales. She writes to help other mothers navigate the journey of parenting through thought-provoking short stories.

Samudyata Rao uses poetry as a medium to cheer on women and writes stories that allow us to peep into the different situations women face.

Aishwariya Laxmi emphasizes the importance of female relationships. Be it your mother, your best friend, or your female work colleague, her work teaches us how important it is to build a network of girlfriends

But, writing is not the only medium that women are using to support other women. Antara Pandit shows us how the female voice is empowering through her podcast. At the same time, she is also an award-winning writer and an advocate for creating change.

Isn’t it wonderful to live among women who bring such powerful content to us? How many talented women do you follow, and what have you loved the most about their content?

Editor’s note: The women featured here are early nominees for The Orange Flower Awards, who nominated themselves by 20 January 2023.

Author images courtesy individual authors, edited on CanvaPro

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