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Pooja Poddar Marwah

Pooja Poddar Marwah is an Indian author and blogger. (October 22,1978) Her foray into writing began in a parking lot, whilst she was waiting for her kids’ co-curriculars to get over. Her debut book, Pursuit – Drawn by Destiny won two digital awards and was nominated by the Valley of Words Literature Festival, held in Dehradun. It gives the reader an insight into the power of belief. It focusses on the challenges that people face when they find love in their middle ages. Her blog Random Conversations deals with the aspects of relationships in the world today. She tackles the most complex of issues with her unique light hearted flair for the written word. It is in the little imperfections that Pooja finds her perfection. She studied at Welham Girls School and left after class 10 to go to StormLake High School in USA for a cultural exchange program under the Rotary International Banner. On returning, she joined Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai and graduated with top honours. More than business and accounts, it was her family business of sterling silver that fascinated her and she joined her parents into the manufacturing and design of precious metals. Her thirst for knowledge led her to do a 3 year extensive course at the SNDT University wherein she trained to be a certified gemmologist. Marriage brought her to Dehradun where she diversified into the Entertainment industry for the Corporate sector. The creative streak in her refused to let her rest. And, she began walking onto other paths to launch a newspaper for children titled, The Soaring Eaglet; to empower them with happy positive news. Her book has won her many a review on both offline and online media and Pooja continues to follow her heart and write. She is a Thought Leader on the Sipping Thoughts platform that aims to empower women, through her blogs on sensitive topics. She has recently joined the Times of India as a weekly blogger and words her views on current affairs with honesty and humour. Not limiting her creative streak, Pooja is currently making a podcast of her popular blogs and her voice resonates her zeal for life.

Voice of Pooja Poddar Marwah

Yes, That Was The Beginning Of A Slapgate Scandal

What stirred the pot was when she slapped me, owing to her twisted cacophony of lustful thoughts and that was when the SlapGate scandal began.

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When My Daughters Declared To Their Dadi, ‘This Is Our Mother’s House And It Always Will Be!’

My younger one chirped in instantly, "Why Dadi? Are we not important enough to use it? Ma says that the best things are to be used by us for we are the most precious people in her life."

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mother in law
Dear Mother-In-Law, Motherhood Is Not About Controlling Your Son!

After my love marriage, my mother-in-law controlled every aspect of our lives. Why do Indian MILs manipulate their sons? My husband had to make a choice!

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Is It Monday?

I don’t want to lie down and stare at the ceiling, neither do I want to get out of bed. There is a feeling of utter hopelessness engulfing me.

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Being Me, Being Mom, And The Impossibility Of Trying To Escape Heartache

I wanted to finish the story I was writing lest the thoughts vanish, and needed about an hour. And that was when my younger daughter decided to walk in.

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A Woman Who Dreams… Is Always The One Who Brings In The Winds Of Change

Patriarchy has limited women's dreams to maintaining peace in their surroundings, glorifying them as epitome of sacrifice. But what happens when a woman transgresses, lives for herself?

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The Innocence Of Childhood

As a parent, I don’t think being conscious about image, hair and nails should take precedence. I’d rather let the innocence of childhood remain

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The Virus Taught Me That I Don’t ‘Own’ My Children, They Have Dreams Of Their Own!

Our children are unique individuals with hopes and dreams of their own! Let's give them the space to be themselves. 

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Will You Marry Me?

a genuine story of a friendship between a man and woman.

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Pursuit – Drawn By Destiny

In society, women and their dreams have had a complicated relationship. Read further to know about a piece of fiction that discovers the theme through an intriguing story.

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Pressing The Right Buttons

"All kids want is our time but most of us just go online and buy the most expensive, digitally powered toys we can."

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A Life Partner Is Not A Shopping List You Can Ask A Third Person To Assemble For You

At the onset, I have just one question: Where does love feature in a quest to find a match?

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Love The High – Of Being A Mom!

The journey from being 'me' to becoming a 'mom' might look scary but it is one of the most enthralling experience that one can go through. 

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invisible woman
Dear ‘Invisible’ Woman, Speak Up And Don’t Let Others Silence You…

Your choices matter. Your opinions count. Your words have meaning. Speak up. Don't pick the one that makes you invisible to others. 

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From Proposing To Us For Marriage To Buying Us Drinks, Do We Expect Too Much From Men?

Isn't expecting things of your partner based on your views like setting them up to fail? Why not accept them as they are rather than expect major changes? 

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The Mid Mark!

2020, has been the year for introspection and the halfway mark just marks the beginning of a new us.

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