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Love The High – Of Being A Mom!

The journey from being 'me' to becoming a 'mom' might look scary but it is one of the most enthralling experience that one can go through. 

The journey from being ‘me’ to becoming a ‘mom’ might look scary but it is one of the most enthralling experience that one can go through. 

There is a time in life when most of us have jumped 10 feet high, at the sight of a creepy-crawly, most likely a lizard! And then, there is a time, when most of us have gotten a broom and animatedly tried to woo the reptile away, much to the amusement of the kid or kids squealing on the couch!

And, that in my opinion… is the first crossover from a ‘me’ to a ‘mom’!!

Parenting is a partnership between two people. But since we are all on a Women’s exclusive portal, I am going to dwell a tad bit deeper into the more ‘mature’ parent!

Being a Mother is perhaps one of the most challenging job situations a woman can face. Right from being a ‘hands-on’ Michelin star chef, to a Harvard level professor or from a Ms Fix it all to a Fortune 500 Company boss, I dig the fact that we are beginning to be considered as Super Mom, Super efficient, Super Smart. Super Google!

And the list goes on!!

The transition

I cannot pin the exact point from where another being starts to overtake your own, or how a mini version of your self raises the strangest of questions, that make you sit back and reflect in awe!

I cannot for a sure state the transition that happens in the eight or nine months that the child is within, but what I can say with a lot of surety is that holding a newborn baby all covered in sticky goo, is perhaps the most special bond there exists. It all starts at that moment and nothing ever remains the same.

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Instinct is the only rule that pertains to Motherhood and that is something I blindly follow. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I am often left wondering as to where on earth that village is! For as far as I know, and believe me, with two teenagers, I know – it takes a Mom to raise a child!

Of course, Dad is there. We can’t negate his duties but we have to understand that he is super tired. He has had a super gruelling day at work and the traffic-snarled at a pace that has him sleepy and exhausted. I’ve run out of adjectives to use here, else I promise I could have added a few more anecdotes!

Putting aside the humour, there is no right or wrong way to parent a child. But if I could share one experience, it would be this. Seeing is believing and yes, it starts at a very young age. Seeing their Mother stand up for what she believes, seeing her hold her ground, looking at her respect her values and her integrity and most importantly, seeing their mother happy.. is what the first rule of being a good parent is.

A child needs to feel the calm and the contentment in their caretaker so while it may be important to be the good daughter, daughter in law, sister, sister in law, wife etc… it is also important to allow yourself to be you!

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