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Pursuit – Drawn By Destiny

Posted: October 9, 2020

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In society, women and their aspirations have had a complicated relationship. Read further to know about a piece of fiction that discovers the theme through an intriguing story.

There comes a time in life when, especially for us women, we look into the mirror, we see a strange resemblance to the person we used to be. Of course, the lines and the spots have been added to the otherwise flawless skin, but alongside that, there are traces of squashed dreams and aspirations as well.

The story behind my writing

I began writing formally only after hitting 40 and of course, there is no turning back now. Life sure does begin at this super decade  – for us, the special specie. Having been in close proximity to fake, pretentious relationships, I found the urge to write about them in an attempt to bring to surface the complexities that modern day relationships face. And thus, Pursuit – Drawn by Destiny got written.

This book is about chasing a dream; one that makes the young Kate Princeton wake up in cold sweat every other day. It is about holding onto a vision that she cannot understand because its something she has never felt in her whole life. It scares her, unnerves her and puts her in a state of anxiousness until she is standing in front of the same vision.

Fiction rich with themes of destiny and dreams

“There is a kind of knowing that comes through perceiving. You meet someone and the moment you have met, there is an unseen spark that gets set off in the Universe. Right then, you feel that you want to know them more; and this feeling of instant recognition, In spite of meeting for the very first time, is one which you can’t comprehend. It feels like a message that is somehow sent to you from right within you. It is a knowing that feels like the truth. And this mystic connect can only be realized when the person is in sync with your soul.”

Thereafter begins a story; one that is crafted by Destiny, for once She chooses you.. She does so for life.

Beneath all her success and fame, Kate is a soft, vulnerable woman craving just one feeling – Love. Of all the men in the world, Edward Scott is drawn towards her, shaking her every belief and bringing to surface the vulnerability that she has kept hidden.

Their lives and nature have nothing in common except the desire for Kate to know – Why him?

Edward and Kate take you on their journey wherein they can neither control nor comprehend what they feel. All they know is that there is something that is pulling them together.

The bottom line is “God will not allow any person to keep you from your destiny. They may be bigger, stronger or more powerful, but God knows how to shift things around to get you where you’re supposed to be.”

For all the women who read this, there is a book giveaway coming up so if you would like to be a part of the world where dreams come true, do write in to me at [email protected] I guarantee that this book will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart and a strong determined mind to follow your calling.

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Pooja Poddar Marwah is an Indian author and blogger. (October 22,1978) Her foray into

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