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Pressing The Right Buttons

"All kids want is our time but most of us just go online and buy the most expensive, digitally powered toys we can."

“All kids want is our time but most of us just go online and buy the most expensive, digitally powered toys we can.”

What kids really want

I had my little 8-year-old come up to me and cuddle in my lap randomly one evening. She took the book that I held, put it aside and stared into my face with her bright twinkling eyes.

“Mommy, I know what I want to be when I grow up.”

Her father raised his eyebrow and cocked his neck in amusement, his cellphone in hand.

I smiled and asked her softly, “Tell me, baby”

“I want to be the latest cellphone in the world, so that I will be the first thing you and daddy look at when you wake up and the last thing you see before you sleep. And all day you will be busy with me and never say that you’ll come back later.”

Her daddy looked at me and dropped his phone. This little cuddly bear on my lap had said one of the most profoundly honest things that we as adults know but choose to overlook. Are we really so caught up in our work and commitments that we often forget we are the connect between generations? We have the younger ones looking up to us and the older ones looking down upon us.

“Slow down Mommy and Daddy, my childhood won’t stay.” She said perkily and jumped off my lap, scampering away with a little doll in her hand.

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“What was that all about?” Asked her father in a nonchalant manner and went about doing his thing on his phone! Short of words, my mind was a whirlpool of thoughts. Yes, it is important to be connected and to have a dream to follow but at what cost?

Don’t be so consumed by technology that you ignore the reality

We read numerous articles about this everyday but it goes to our subconscious and out of our minds. Everyone is busy, but there is a fine line between being occupied and being consumed!

No matter what it takes, it is imperative that we slow down and tune off from our cellphones when we are engaged in conversations. Technology is a valuable addition to life, but hey, don’t make it your life!

With such ease, we take for granted our most precious asset – our family. All kids want is our time but most of us just go online and buy them the most expensive, digitally powered toys we can. So we equate time with materialistic pleasures, is this some new mathematical formula?

My formula for happiness

Nothing compares to splashing in a puddle or dancing in the rain; nothing beats getting messy in the kitchen baking cupcakes. Remember the last time you licked the bowl clean with your fingers?

And for sure, the most therapeutic stress buster is the million dollar smile and the tight squeeze you get at the end of the day by the tiny limbs that you brought into this the world.

I have a simple measure to overcome stress:

It’s ingredients are,

2 pillows, music, tickles.. hmm.. maybe a few pinches here and there!

Mix them all up and PLAY!! Instant laughter guaranteed!!

But Alas, the fidget spinner and the virtual reality apps have taken precedence over something that was once considered quality family time.

Tsk Tsk! Old fashioned family time.

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