A Woman Who Dreams… Is Always The One Who Brings In The Winds Of Change

Patriarchy has limited women's dreams to maintaining peace in their surroundings, glorifying them as epitome of sacrifice. But what happens when a woman transgresses, lives for herself?


Patriarchy has limited women’s dreams to maintaining peace in their surroundings, glorifying them as epitome of sacrifice. But what happens when a woman transgresses, lives for herself?

We often hear things like:
At my age, I can’t just begin on a new adventure.
At my age, this is considered rather frivolous.
At my age, there’s no need to dress up.

At every age, dreams stream through our minds. Life always gives us a variety of options to pick and choose from. It almost always gives us a second chance. But, if we are busy prioritising excuses over time, effort, and self-righteousness, then these dreams will simply pass by us.

Everyone gets the same quantity of time. It’s up to us, how we add quality to it. Effort is measured by inclination, and inclination is simply a perception in our minds. And, self-righteousness does not always mean that we’re happy. It could also be a philosophy warped in time that we have no control over.

I was once asked, why do you consider dreams so important? More so in India, where most women pride themselves on being the epitome of sacrifice. Is it not normal to put aside your dreams so that everyone around can be in harmony?

What are dreams, really?

What is a dream? Is it a place to escape reality or is it merely a stimulation that reality provides?

In my opinion, dreams stem from the world we live in. They float in our subconscious mind, and come to surface when we need to see them. It isn’t a world of wishes and wants, but a world that is ours to take and live in.

Dreams are goals that we crave to fulfil. They are the moments we want to live. They are like movies of our own life, being screened just for us. So, if it is a visual display of reality that we are not paying attention to, is that not a chance missed?

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Being content is not wrong. But, when we begin to think of ourselves as wise and selfless because we don’t want much from life, what we are actually doing is creating a wave of resentment for ourselves that will surface as we grow older. Remember Scrooge? He wasn’t born that way. Unfulfilled dreams rot inside people, making them irritable as they grow. They leave behind pain, melancholy, and disillusionment.

Life is the biggest adventure there is!

Life is the biggest adventure there is. If we aren’t able to see the excitement, the zeal, and the satisfaction of stepping outside our comfort zone, we are already in the process of being sacrificial. A happy person will spread happiness. A sad person will only give out sadness. This is not rocket science.

To be able to dream is to be able to bring your deepest desires to life. To be able to dream is to give yourself a new astounding level of excitement to look forward to each day.

Most women, especially in India, are brought up with a preconceived notion that it is their duty to maintain the peace and harmony of the world around them. But, just imagine the limitless possibilities for women in India today – the ones who dare to dream, and further, dare to bring up their children with dreams in their eyes.

Yes, the patriarchal norms are breaking. There is a sudden release of energy that is causing seismic waves. And yes, there is a light breeze blowing, indicating the winds of change.

Now, I ask you — Would you want to be a part of the winds of change?  Would you want to partake in a world that is abundant with dreams, and with possibilities? Or would you rather accept the disillusioned tranquillity?

Image source: a still from the film Manmarziyaan

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