Dr Pooja Birwatkar

I am a post doctorate in social sciences, specializing in education and a professor at Somaiya Vidyavihar University. My areas of expertise are Research , Life skills and Management of Education. I am a voracious reader and dabble my hand at writing articles which are both fictional and research based. Been in the teaching field last 18 years.

Voice of Dr Pooja Birwatkar

Dr Pooja Birwatkar
My Ph.D Journey: I Was Asked What Use It Was When I Would Be Making Rotis…

A man doing a PhD is rebuked for not earning well. A woman on other hand is constantly questioned why she's doing a PhD when she should have been married and raising kids.

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Eat today, Next time Don't: The Never Ending Weight Woes Continues
Eat Today, Next Time Don’t: The Never Ending Weight Woes Continues

We all have the common nagging itch of feeling we are at a loss when it comes to our weights. We all wish for magic wands to just make those oodles of extra weight evaporate into thin air.

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Friendship Day
If You Are Not A Diamond, Then Are You Really My friend?

Are diamonds super personified, probably due to their exorbitant, astonishing value with an ever luminescent sparkle and being a source of pleasure alongside being equally resilient for enduring pressure?

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Life Taught Me That It Can Be More Liberating After Reaching 45!

Once you reach 45, it's time to let go of expectations of how life should be. Give in to your own desires and live for yourself!

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Pushpa – The Symbolical Reminiscence Of Evolution Of Woman

This Women's Day let's stop weighing down women with whole range of additional qualities that make her look extra-terrestrial. She exists just like everything else in this world. Whether she is marvellous or not she will decide.

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The Doll and the Monkey – A Short Story

Her son’s one dialogue, “You  need protection” shattered her fairy tale. Oh! my little one, You have grown up today and taking the legacy of this society forward.

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The Juggles, Struggles And Muddles Of 21st Century Parenting

 Guess what? You don't really need training in parenting skills, you already have them! A hilarious look at 21st century parenting.

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two nests or one
Two Nests Or One [#ShortStory]

“It took Nima a while to put the pieces together as to why the dinner was left untouched by her father when she went to meet some prospective groom...” A short story.

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Do Not Dismiss Me As ‘Just A Mom’. I Am A Unique, Special Woman

We often dismiss someone as 'just a mom'. This 'ordinary woman' too is extraordinary in the eyes of those who matter, an achiever in her own right.

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