A Fond Mother’s Letter To A Daughter Just Entering College

Parents have many dreams for their children. Here is a mother's letter to a daughter on the threshold of college.

Parents have many dreams for their children. Here is a mother’s letter to a daughter on the threshold of college.

Dear Princess,

It seems to be just yesterday when I held you as a newborn. A doe eyed, dimpled babe. Everyone gushed over you. As a baby you were hardly troublesome. You ate and slept at the right times and always obliged Papa and me with your winsome smile.

Soon you held our hands and started taking your baby steps. We were thrilled. Within no time you became a babbling brook, prattling away. And soon you entered play-school, learning rhymes and letters like a pro. The whole house was filled with your school chatter. We had no need for any other entertainment!

Before we knew it, you were in main school. There was a decrease in your chatter as you were buried in your course books but you still found time for us and the dinner table had us in peals as you shared your school banter.

But suddenly as you neared completion of school, your studies, peer pressure, board exams, etc., your career started taking it’s toll on you. Our happy go lucky princess turned moody and flared  at the slightest provocation. You craved for independence, you seem to dislike your parent’s concern, you found us sermonizing and interfering. Your only aim in life was to excel, get into a good college and stay away from us.

Today your dreams have come true as you have secured admission in a prestigious college. Soon you will move to another city for your education.

Dear, I don’t want to be a spoke in the wheel. You are grown up and we trust your decisions. The upbringing given to you is sound and we hope that you will take decisions with your mind not heart. Soon, we won’t be there in person holding your hand but we will always be a beacon of light to help you tide over any adversity.

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Growing up doesn’t mean rebellion but a sense of maturity and equanimity. You will meet a lot of people in this new life. It is how you filter the good and bad that is important.

Lead a life with good values, as simple living and high thinking can give you the best in your life. Materialistic things may attract you and stop you focusing on your goals so try and ‘cut your coat according to your cloth.’

You may want to go with the crowd instead of being made a laughing stock but dear, instead of emulating others and putting on false plumes, let others emulate you and learn from your simplicity.

You may vie with others to get a high profile job, giving you maximum monetary benefits, so that you become rich overnight, as you found your parents poor. You hated being from middle class family but what riches could not buy, your hard labour and education has got you in a prestigious college.

Temptation may corrupt, so keep a positive attitude, become a go getter, leave the rest to God —que sera sera,what will be will be, the future is not ours to see, what will be, will be!



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